The Body Shop Eau De Toilette in Aqua Lily

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Who doesn't love Body Shop? And who can ever say No to Beauty Shop products? I certainly am not one to say No to Beauty shop items. Recently I got my hands on sample size Body Shop eau de toilette. Read my review to know my experience with the little monster. 

The Body Shop Eau de toilette in Aqua Lily
One of my colleagues went to Roop Singhar store on my recommendation to buy beauty items from there. She showed me her purchases which included a sample sized bottle of The Body Shop eau de toilette in aqua lily. When I inhaled its fragrance I instantly liked it and wanted to get my hands on it. So after like a week I went to Roop Singhar to get this little baby. 

The Body Shop Eau de toilette in Aqua Lily

The Body Shop eau de toilette in aqua lily comes in a 10 ml glass bottle with a screw cap that is pretty small and super travel friendly. However I suspect it might leak a little with a lot of bumping and tossing in the handbag. 

The Body Shop Eau de toilette in Aqua Lily
Here is what The Body Shop claims about its Aqua lily fragrance:

"A delicate, blissful fresh water fragrance to uplift, exhilerate and inspire. Ideal for customers who enjoy wearing fresh, floral fragrances."  

Top Notes:

Notes of green apple, water melon, dewy bamboo, tangerine and pink pepper combined to provide the initial scent of the fragrance, awaken and stimulate the senses.

Heart Notes:

Notes of muguet, lily, rose, violet and reseda combined that vibrate across the fragrance. 

Base Notes: 

Notes of cedar wood and musk to create soft ambery base notes. 

To intensify the fragrance and help last longer layer it with other products in the Aqua Lily range.
Spray onto the pulse points to fragrance the skin as often as required.  

The Body Shop Eau de toilette in Aqua Lily
My Experience:

Initially I liked its fragrance. When you apply it you get a fragrant woody perfume but with the passage of time it fades into something entirely different and hideous. I am sorry to say this but it starts to smell like some toilet cleaner or some fumigation product. Upon first two days of application, I could not figure out as to what is wrong with me. I would sense some foul smell but could not place my finger upon it. Then it clicked me that OMG its actually my own perfume that fades into something entirely different. Imagine my horror at this discovery! Now it isn't as bad that people around you start dieing but still it turns into something which normally you would not choose to opt as a perfume. The good part of the fragrance lasts about an hour and a half or two hours maximum and then it turns into something entirely differnt. The good thing about this product is that besides being fresh blue in color it does not stain your clothes. At least something is good.  

This product has been discontinued probably due to the negative feedback it received around the globe. This is what happens when you buy things on impulse without googling.  




          Rs. 695


                    Roop Singhar



Hope you liked my quick short review. Drop in your feedback in the comments section. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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