|Review|: Lakme Fruit Blast Face Wash in Melon Melt

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Hi Beauties!

Wow! This post is really very post due and I am considering myself a slacker for not doing it earlier. Sometimes (well mostly) I get too lazy to write a post that the appropriate time passes. Any how I hate to miss out reviewing any product I use which is why no matter how old or new, I just love to review each and every (mostly) all items I use. So toady I present my review on Lakme's fruit blast face wash in Melon melt. 

Lakme Fruit Blast face wash in Melon Melt
The face washes come in a transparent tube with colored face wash in two sizes; 50 gms and 100 gms. I purchaed the one in 100 gms which is ample enough to last a month or so depending upon your usage. 

Lakme Fruit Blast face wash in Melon Melt
 Here is what Lakme claims about its Melon melt face wash:

"Experience the quenching ability of watermelon and musk melon extracts with this face wash that hydrates every pore while the natural luffa fruit fibres gently brush away impurities. So your skin stays tingling fresh with the fragrance of natural melons." 

Lakme Fruit Blast face wash in Melon Melt

Lakme Fruit Blast face wash in Melon Melt
Below is the swatch of the face wash. Its yellow in color with fibres of luffa fruit. The face wash has a runny consistency and I would not recommend placing it in handbag since it might leak. The lid in the above picture is quite surrounded by the leaked face wash. The face wash tends to dry quick and have a slight rubber like appearance with strands so I suggest keeping it lidded at all times. 

Lakme Fruit Blast face wash in Melon Melt - swatch
My Experience:

I honestly purchased this face wash after watching the advertisment on television. The advert was so tempting, the way the girls were running around and throwing fruit juice at each other depicting the pureness of the face wash. I could not resist the temptation to buy it. The face wash has a strong fruity melon like fragrance which is over whelming and I like it. Its runny and creamy and might not lather much but it does its job. After using Pond's facial foam (reviewed here) I opted for this one. Its nonetheless a better cleanser than Pond's and cleans the impurities and dirt from the face, the micro fibres are also a great help since they softly exfoliate the skin. I require a big splotch of face wash since it does not lather well and is a bit creamy which requires more product to be used. The best part about this face wash is its strong and fresh fragrance plus the splash of color it provides in your bathroom, bright yellow. 

Overall its a decent face wash for my dry to combination skin. 

Like it:

  • Strong frangrance
  • Mild cleanser
  • Mild exfoliator
  • Fruity and colorful
  • Economical
Leave it:
  • Runny consistency
  • Does not lather well
  • Fragrance too strong





I purchased it from Hafiz Cosmetics Store. It might be available at other stores as well but I am not sure. 


          Rs. 180 

Hope you liked my review and found it helpful. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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