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Hi Beauties!

Well Winters are always tough on the skin since they suck all the moisture and leave the skin parched and flakey. How am I dealing with this skin trauma read further to find out..... 

The body shop body butter in sweet lemon
I shall start by stating that I have a very, very dry skin during Winters. I am someone who liberally applies lots and lots of body lotions and body butters and body creams just to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. I also know that I am not the only one who suffers with this skin trauma, its the problem of majoirty since there isn't much one can do against weather other than adapting to it. To keep my skin drying troubles at bay I am using Body shop's body butter in sweet lemon.  

The body shop body butter in sweet lemon


Body shop's body butter comes in two sizes; one in small size of 50 ml round jar and other in a big sized jar of 200 ml. The one I am reviewing is the small one with 50 ml content. The jar is plastic made and lemon yellow in color representing the sweet lemon color. I find the jar travel friendly. 

The body shop body butter in sweet lemon

Unlike most Body Shop body butters, sweet lemon is softer and has a creamy texture. It isn't thick like most butters and is rather like a cream which has the ability to melt on the skin like a butter (no, it wont melt to become a liquid). The butter has a very light tint of lemon color in it which is hardly noticeable in the pictures. Mostly it appears to be off white in color but is not. 

The body shop body butter in sweet lemon - swatch and before application on hand

The body shop body butter in sweet lemon - after application
My Experience:

There is no doubt in the hydrating and moisturizing properties of this body butter. It not only hydrates or moisturizes, it smoothes the skin and makes it look soft and gentle to touch. The coarseness that comes with dry skin just vanishes with the use of this butter. Unlike most Body Shop butters, this one is soft and creamy with a cream like consistency which makes it easier to spread over the skin. Although I am not a great cirtus smell fan but still I like the fragrance to some extent; its citrusy with a blend of sweetness in it. Every one has a different likeness when it comes to fragrances. I would say it isn't the one for me but that doesn't make it a bad product. Despite the size of the jar, the butter has lasted me quite a good number of days. I am impressed that it does not finish in number of days, it lasts good longer than expected. One thing I noticed is, it leaves a greasy finish on the skin. Most body shop butters I have used don't leave a greasy finish but this one is a bit different. If you use it in excess quantity the greasy film will be visible on the skin which might take a few minutes to absorb. Also I felt the butter weighs a little on the skin before it completely absorbs. 

So if you are someone who likes citrus fragrance and looking for a good moisturizer than sweet lemon body butter by The Body Shop is definitely something for you. 

You can find Body shop products at the Body shops outlets in major cities of Pakistan and also online on Beauty Arena. To stay updated on whats new with Body Shop in Pakistan you can join their Facebook Page.  

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO. 

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