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Hi Beauties!

Are you some one who faces the problem of creased and smudged eye shadow over the lids after some time? Well I certainly am one who faces this issue. After 4 - 5 hours my eye shadow starts looking hideous as if I have been swimming in a pool or probably slept without removing the eye shadow and it creased on my lids. How I have avoided this disaster? Read further to find out!

Illamasqua sealing gel
I have not had much of a chance to try Illamasqua products, in fact I only have 3 Illamasqua products in my entire make up collection. One of them happens to be their sealing gel. Talking about the brand, Illamasqua is a British cult beauty brand which is dedicated to self expression through make up. The brand was launched in 2008 and since then, it has taken the world by a storm and won many awards for its products. 

Before writing this review I had not searched much about the philosophy or main idea of this brand but their logo looked pretty much like a cult logo to me and now that I know, I am glad, I was right, it is a cult brand. :) 

Illamasqua sealing gel
Coming back to the review, Illamasqua sealing gel comes in a tiny, itsy bitsy plastic bottle with a 6 ml content in the bottle. This bottle has to be the tiniest one in my make up collection. But boy! it does wonders for me. The packaging is pretty basic, the bottle is squeezable and has a dropper on the top to get a controlled amount of the product. The bottle is leak proof, it won't spill in your bag or anywhere, at least I haven't noticed it doing so and it is very travel friendly, would fit anywhere.  

Illamasqua sealing gel
The consistency of the gel is quite runny. To me it isn't a gel at all. It is more like a liquid with a runny consistency. You just need one drop of it to do the job. It dries instantly and vanishes. The liquid is transparent which makes it totally unnoticeable. 

Illamasqua sealing gel - swatch

Illamasqua sealing gel - after drying
My Experience: 

This sealing gel is one of my most pride possessions in my stash. Although the bottle is very tiny but all I need is just one drop for both my lids. I apply one drop of this sealer on my MUA concealer brush and pat both my eye lids with it. It feels slightly wet on the lids then dries instantly and vanishes completely. I do not feel any stretchy or starchy feeling over my lids. Its like I never applied it. My eye shadow stays put for long hours without creasing, smudging or drop outs. It stays put and does not budge at all. I tried this for 8 hours and the result was awesome. 

This sealing gel can also be used to apply powder pigments as eye liners. Now you can use your pigments as eye liners with the help of this sealing gel and get what ever color you want to have for an eye liner. It wont budge. One precaution you will have to take is, you'll have to work fast when applying eye liner as this gel dries quite fast. Oh, this works for cake liners too. 

Although I have not experimented it yet but I believe it would work just fine to seal a lipstick as well. I have to give this one a shot as well. All in all, it is the best sealing gel I have so far that is minimum hassle and provides me with excellent results. Ignoring the small size, since I require just a drop, this baby will last me a long time and is perfect for Summer and humid seasons when the eye shadows are more prone to smudging and creasing due to sweat. 

Like it: 

  • Travel friendly
  • Leak proof
  • Excellent sealant
  • Lasts long
Leave it: 
  • Small size 







Illamasqua products can be purchased from several Facebook stores in Pakistan. They ship internationally so you can order directly from them as well. 


A big fat YES!

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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