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Hi Beauties!

Last week I reviewed Skin+i's Mini Hand Spa Ritual which you can read here. My today's review is on another product of theirs which goes by the name of Mini Foot Spa Ritual. Read my review to find out more about this product.  

Skin+i Spa Pro Rituals

Skin+i Spa Pro Rituals

Skin+i Spa Pro Rituals
Since I have already briefed you all about the company I shall move directly to my observations and explain the performance of this product. Just like the hand spa ritual, the foot ritual also comes in a 15 ml plastic pack with all the necessary instructions and ingredients written on the pack. 

Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual

Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual

Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual
Just like the hand spa ritual I was expecting the foot one to be gloves with finger cuts in them (just like the finger socks we have here). However the foot glove is more like plain socks or a shoe. You can simply insert your foot like putting on a shoe, no need to fit in your fingers like in a hand glove. 

Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual
The glove has 2 layers, the outer plasticy one and the inner fabric like layer. The inner layer contains the creams and natural ingredients for the padicure. The steps of using the foot glove are exact same like the hand glove. 

Step 1: Wash and pat dry feet.
Step 2: Open pouch and remove gloves. Slip in your feet in the inner most layer of the gloves. 
Step 3: Massage feet for 30 seconds.
Step 4: Remove gloves after 15 minutes.
Step 5: Massage in any excess treatment untill fully absorbed.   

Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual - Inner layer
Now what I did was, I put on the gloves on my feet and put my loose socks over them. This way I was able to walk around and do my regular house chores without any hinderance and wastage of time. I could hear the scrunch scrunch noise every time I took a step but that was no botheration at all. I had the fear that the glove might break and the creams might leak in my socks but nothing of that sort happened nor did I slip. The socks provided a good grip over the gloves. 

Another good thing about these gloves is that just like the hand gloves, the foot gloves come in a standard size so even men can use this padicure along with females. I think they would fit size 10 just fine. The good part is, if the gloves are big on you they reach above the ankle and you get your padicure done even above the feet ;) 

Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual - During padicure

Before and after the use of Skin+i Mini Foot Spa Ritual

The above picture says it all. There is a hell of a difference between before and after picture. The above picture has been shot without using any effects, the after picture is a close zoom in, however the difference between the both is clearly obvious.

To be honest I was not expecting the results to be this obvious or the product giving out such an excellent result. It certainly has exceeded my expectations even after trying out the hand spa ritual. It has to be the easiest padicure with no mess and no fuss. I mean what padicure treatment allows you to walk around while it is at work? Just like the hand gloves you can carry the foot gloves with you anywhere in your bag and get it done anywhere. The padicure has the same fragnance as that of the manicure gloves and allows you a freedom you can't get with any other. 

Like it: 

  • Zero mess
  • Time efficient
  • Instant results
  • All natural ingredients
  • Unique glove padicure
  • Results are long lasting
Leave it: 
  • Availability maybe an issue
  • Price may be off putting





           Rs. 495


Skin+i is available at selective stores/stockists. You can place an order on their Facebook page by clicking this link or drop me an email or inbox me for further assistance. 

Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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