|Review|: Sweet Touch Nail Polish in # 1118, Ivory

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Hi Beauties!

If you belong to my generation then I am sure you might remember brands like Jenny, Medora, Jennifer and Swiss Miss. These were some of the brands commonly and widely used in Pakistan as international make up had not seeped through in that era. Among these brands came another emerging, by the name of Sweet Touch. When I went to college, there was a small fair held in the college where I got the opportunity to try Sweet Touch cosmetics for the first time and purchased 2 of their nail polishes. That was just a start. Now after almost a decade Sweet Touch has solidly established its roots and is a widely known brand with a vast variety of products in Pakistan. My favorite item has always been their nail polish. So read further to find out how my experience has been with Sweet Touch nail polishes. 

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory
 I actually saw this color on Huda's nails from one of her nail art posts. So glad she had posted the name of the nail color since I literally shoved the salesgirl to find me this shade. As some salegirl are pushy, some others have the "Buy what I want to sell or fudge off!" attitude, since this salesgirl was the latter one, I had to stand over her head while she rummaged through whole of her stock to find me the #1118 - Ivory shade. There is another one close to this by the name of wooden beige, however I just wanted this one only.

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory

Coming back to the basics, Sweet Touch nail polishes come in the standard glass bottle with a 12 ml content and a long silver color top. The long applicator handle provides convenience of application. The applicator brush is thin which may require to sweep the color twice or thrice over your nail depending upon your nail width. The best part about Sweet Touch nail colors is, they don't dry out fast and even if they do, the centuries old trick of reviving nail polishes by putting few drops of nail polish remover works perfectly. 

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory applicator brush
Ivory is a nice nude shade with a creamy off white base and under tones of slight yellow. The yellow isn't very noticeable, its just a hint of it in the shade. This shade is not for every skin tone though. It looks great on fair to wheatish skin tones but might look like a white wash over darker tones. 

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory

Sweet Touch nail polish in #1118 - Ivory
The swatches you see above have been achieved by two applications. The thing I really like about it is that the color is quite opaque. I prefer my nail colors to be opaque rather than sheer. It takes less number of coats to get a pigmented solid color on nails with an opaque nail polish. The nail color dries out quite fast after application and stays good for 4-5 days. I am very impressed with the performance of this nail color. One drawback could be that since its formulation is a bit thick, excess brush dip can give a gloppy streaky finish on the nails. So apply lightly! 






           Rs. 110


I purchased mine from Al-fatah store. Sweet Touch cosmetics are available nation wide in any departmental store and super market. To stay updated join their Facebook Page. You can also purchase Sweet Touch cosmetics from Makeup city outlets. Here is the link to their Facebook Page.


So do I recommend buying Sweet Touch nail polishes? Totally Yes!!!

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments to let me know your feedback. It makes my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO. 

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