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Hi Beauties!

I am obsessed with traditional jewelry these days. There, I said it! I don't know what happened but I am lusting after traditional and Indian jewelry like a monster out to destroy the world. I can't seem to resist it *facepalm* So like always I stumbled upon this new Facebook store which made me splurge quite some amount that I had no plans to do. So here I am with you people with four new jewelry items in hand to share, and tempt you to empty your pockets as well like myself. 

Tribal jewelry from Ayesha accessories
Before I move forward with my post I would like to start off by introducing the Facebook page from where I ordered these items. The Facebook store goes by the name of Ayesha accessories and sells tribal jewelry made by various ethnic groups of Afghanistan and Nepal. All jewelry items are hand made. 

Below is the fish pendant which is embellished with Lapis stone. Its Afghan in origin and has metal carvings all over the surface. Back is plain. The chain is 13.5 inches long and the pendant along with the chain is priced at Rs. 1550. When I saw the picture of this pendant I really liked how different and unique it was with its traditional look.

Fish pendant

Fish pendant
Next I have the Afghan bird ring. I have never seen anything like this before. This is the first traditional bird ring I have laid my eyes upon. Its available in different color combinations. Mine is turquoise and blue. You can find more variants on Ayesha's page. The ring is priced at Rs. 500. The good thing is, the ring is adjustable. 

Afghan bird ring

Afghan bird ring

Afghan bird ring
Last but not the least, is my Ethnic Afghan ring which is a beauty. I love its design and the color variety. Its very different from the normal rings I usually wear. I have not seen such a collection available locally at any store here in Lahore. This ring is priced at Rs. 750 only. The ring is sturdy, heavy and adjustable.  

Ethnic Afghan ring

Ethnic Afghan ring

Ethnic Afghan ring
This anklet in green has been sent as a complimentary gift by the owner which I absolutely love. 

This is it for my initial shopping from Ayesha accessories but I shall definitely be shopping more from her in coming future. I already have two more items in my mind from her page. I totally recommend you all buying things from her. Her response time and services are great. Only thing I would like to suggest her is to introduce jewelry packing. At the moment she sends out items wrapped in a crepe paper and then an envelope. I would prefer some sort of a box or container as presentation adds to the points. Other than that my overall experience of shopping from her has been great.

Hope you liked my new buys. Drop in your comments to share your views on my latest purchases. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO 

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