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Hi Beauties!

This post has some relevance to the upcoming Valentine's day which is why I decided to do it in the first place. Well love is in the air, as they say and so is the hustle to buy presents for your loved ones. Some opt for chocolates, flowers, gadgets, hand made stuff, jewelry while some opt for things a little more exotic and sexy. My newest purchase is also something that falls into the later category. The only catch is it isn't for anyone nor has been a gift from anyone, it has been purchased by me, for me. So what if I don't have a valentine, I can always treat myself. Read further to find more. 

Silver belly chain

Like always, I stumbled upon a Facebook store that had a beautiful collection of lingerie and night dresses and some lovely accessories. Since its February and Valentine's month, they had some very exotic things in their collection as well. I found something I had been looking for a very long time, a belly chain. 

Silver belly chain
I love how Indian women wear belly chains around their perfect toned bellies and they look so sexy and hot. I was so tempted to buy them even if I have a flabby and tyre like tummy. So I instantly ordered it fearing it might run out of stock soon. My order arrived within 2 days time and I was delighted to see how nicely it was packed. To be honest I was not expecting it would come in a nice case. 

So coming to the belly chain itself, it comes in a hard transparent plastic case which is prone to damage at the slightest jerk and mishandling. The box came a little cracked from one corner which was probably due to courier company's mishandling. I am not bothered with the case anyway, I am more keen about what lies within the plastic box :D However, I love how it came in a case, perfect to be gifted to someone. 

Silver belly chain
So the chain is totally silver along with the pendant that has Babe written on it along with a heart shape. The pendant is adorned with zircon stones that give it a classy fancy look. You can wear it as a front belly chain or a back belly chain. The picture on the Facebook store displays it worn as a back belly chain. 

Picture courtesy: Taboo Outfits
The chain is long and will be able to fit bulky people and thin alike. The lock fits in any chain groove which makes it adjustable for thin and bulky alike. The chain is sturdy and will not break easily which is a plus for me since I have the tendency to break jewelry items without intent. Its available in another pendant that has Sexy written instead of Babe and its vertical. I preferred Babe for myself. 

Silver belly chain

Sliver belly chain
I wore it for a day and it did not bother me at all. The chain is heavy and weighs on your belly and you can get the feeling of something there on your belly but nonetheless, it feels great. Make sure not to tighten it too much as body movements may jerk break the chain. I suggest locking it up to a loose dangly (is that even a word?) fitting. 

You can order this chain from Taboo Outfits online and its priced at Rs. 1600. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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