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Hi Beauties!

Online shopping in Pakistan is a recent trend, I'd say, its probably been two or so years that online shopping has seen its boom in Pakistan. Like other parts of the world, we have also experienced the goods and the bads of online shopping. I, as a beauty blogger have tried my best to share my online experiences with all my readers as a source of guidance for all so that others don't have to suffer the bads I experienced. Now, some shopping experiences maybe good and some maybe bad, but the one I am sharing today is by no means a bad shopping experience, rather, its a good one but on top of that it was awkward and hilarious. How? Read further to find out... 

Capstan cigarettes by Pall Mall
Don't fall for the picture above. I did not order any cigarettes online and neither I got delivered any. Its actually the packaging of my order. Yes! I received my order in cigarette boxes. Imagine my horror when I opened the wrapper and inside found these cigarette boxes. I mean who sends orders wrapped in a discarded cigarette box? Anyhow, this is what came in the cigarette boxes. 

7 piece punk knuckle ring set, Mustache ear studs, Spikes bracelet, Super designed ear clip
Its an elastic bracelet and would fit most wrist sizes unless you are really a plus size. The quality of the bracelet is okay not something extra ordinary but for the punk style it works fine. The bracelet is priced at Rs. 199. I would say its a grab for the price. 

Spikes bracelet

Super designed ear clip 
The ear clip is for Rs. 250 and the mustache ear studs are for Rs. 120 only. Quite a steal for the price I would say. 

Mustache ear studs
My current obsession is these knuckle rings. I am seeing a lot of knuckle rings on online stores and they look so pretty and tempting. I ordered one set and have been flaunting it ever since. These are adjustable so I think I would be using them as toe rings as well. The knuckle ring set is priced at Rs. 430. 

7 piece punk knuckle ring set
Lastly, look what I found the cigarette box! a plastic bag!!!! The plastic bag came as a DIY project, to place the items in the shopping bag myself. After  the cigarette box fiasco, the shopping bag was pointless. 

Leopard print shopping bag
I would conclude by saying that the shopping experience was fine from this online store but I am thoroughly disappointed with the packaging of the order. Who in the right mind would sent jewelry items in a cigarette box to a girl? Imagine opening the courier only to find cigarette boxes! What if I had opened it in front of my family, how awkward would it have looked. Now its time to let the cat out of the bag and reveal the name of this store. Its none other than Simplify versus beautifie cosmetics store. I have no complains regarding the services and response time of the store, its just the packaging. They really need to come up with some other sort of packaging, cigarette box is just weird. I am not sure if I would be placing any future order with them or not. Maybe yes, but only before confirming that I wont be getting a cigarette box. The whole scenario was just awkward, weird and funny. Since I received the parcel at my work address, me and my female colleagues had fits of laughter over this. 

Other than the packaging I am satisfied with my purchases. Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. XOXO!

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