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Hi Beauties!

Does the title of the post sound familiar? Yes, yes, I know, the Pakistani beauty blogosphere has recently been bombarded with reviews about the latest Orglow organic mask and mind you, not just reviews but all very positive and appreciating reviews. Now its time that I add my two bits to the long list of praises about the face mask as well. Better late than never. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask
Orglow is a recent brand that that signifies an organic glow for your skin. Salina Taqi is the owner of this brand and I must appreciate her as she has done one hell of a job coming up with this amazing product. All ingredients of the mask are organic and no harmful chemical exist. It claims to be handmade with love and 100% natural ingredients. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask

Orglow comes in a regular sized plastic jar with an amazing amount of product that won't make you feel as if you got ripped of your money. The jar is almost full with the product and provides you the amount worth your money. It has a screw lid and comes sealed with an aluminum foil. The packaging is pretty basic with nothing eye catching, however its what lies inside the jar that makes you hooked to it. The jar is not travel friendly and I hope that sometime in future, maybe Orglow can introduce a smaller packaging for travelling purposes. I mean, I would love to take it with me if I have to go out of city. Scary things can happen to skin once your environment changes. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask

Orglow mask looks like a mixture of several well grounded herbs and natural ingredients and gives a nice grainy/ crumbly feeling upon touch. It has a light smell that reminds me of medicines given by local hakeems as their meds are also herbs and natural ingredients. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask - mixing yofurt and Orglow mask, adding few drops of glycerin 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask - after mixing well
How to use:

The process is pretty simple and basic. Take a spoonful of yogurt, for myself, I take 3/4 table spoon of yogurt and mix a little more than a pinch of the mask, add two drops of glycerin and mix them well with a brush. Since my skin is dry to combination, I was skipping glycerin in the beginning and ended up having a dry skin. Then I started added glycerin and the dryness from my skin has totally vanished. For people with oily skins it is advised to add a few drops of rose water. I have replaced yogurt with milk, cream and egg and the results have been astonishing. It seems there has been no end to my experimentation with this product. When I have ample time on my hands I prefer mixing the mask in egg white and applying it on my face to get a tightening feeling. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask - freshly applied

The mask claims to "Brighten, Tighten and Whiten" Has it lived up to its claims?

My Experience:

To be honest, when I first received the product, much to my surprise I wasn't very excited to try it. My initial thoughts were, Oh! a local product? Where is this going to lead me? Truth be told, I had no high expectations from this mask. But with its regular usage my views took a full turn. 

Since I had guests staying over, my relatives from abroad, I had a lot of going out and about, sight seeing, shopping, dinning out and what not. This led my skin go really very tan, visibly tan in the pictures (I am so not proud of those family pictures). I started using Orglow on alternative days. I did not use it religiously, sometime on alternative days, sometimes after two to three days gap and even after a week at times. Now after its use for about two months, I can safely say that it has brought a very positive impact upon my skin. I keep it on my skin for about 15 minutes untill the yogurt goes dry. The below picture will tell you how it looks when the yogurt is dry. 

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask - dried yogurt

Comparing this picture to the above one, you do not get to see the creamy texture over the skin, the yogurt has gone dry and has left the color of the mask which is slight beige yellowish. After it goes dry, I splash a handful of water on my face and start scrubbing it off gently with circular motions of my finger tips and then rinse thoroughly with water. After gently towel drying my face I can feel and see a visible difference on my skin with a cleaner and cleansed look, softer and gentle skin to touch, and a visible glow to my forehead and cheeks. Yogurt being a dairy product brings out the smoothness and softness in the skin while the mask brings the shine and somehow the lightening of the skin. My complexion has improved a lot and my cousin has pointed it several times that she can feel my skin tone gone lighter. 

I apply it at night time before going to bed after washing my face with my Koee lightening facial wash. The only thing I dislike about this product is its awful smell. The stench is pretty similar to vomit, seriously no kidding. But I can tolerate the smell for a few minutes if it means getting the healthy natural glow and a nice smooth, shiny skin afterwards. The glow lasts two to three days on me and I am not bragging. See for yourself!

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask - after results

Orglow instant organic face brightening mask (slight difference in lighting)





         Rs. 850


You can order it online from the Orglow Facebook store by clicking here.


What are you waiting for? Get moving, makes some clicks and punch in some info to order yours right away. 

So yeah it does brighten, tighten and lighten. I have got my glow, Have you? Hope you liked my detailed review of Orglow organic face mask. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!

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