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Hi Beauties!

As Eid is drawing near the concept of sharing gifts known as Eidi is at its full swing. Before I begin, let me explain a little about Eid. Just like Christmas and Easter, Muslims also celebrate two major religious events known as Eids. The first one being Eid-ul-Fitr, also known as the feast of breaking the fast, which is celebrated by Muslims globally that marks the end of Ramadan. 

My fellow beauty bloggers have also been very keen to share Eidis and one such blogger sent me some wonderful goodies to make my Eid really special and joyous. Here are some of the gifts she has sent me. 

Color studio professional nail polish in neon orange, Essence blush up in # 10 heat wave, Essence long lasting lipstick in Blush me up, Maybelline baby lips in Cherry me, Nail art brush, Nail art dotting tool, personalized letter
If you remember last year Essence launched its limited edition trend by the name of "Miami Roller Girl", it contained a blush by the name of dates on skates which created a havoc in the beauty blogosphere. Girls went crazy to get their hands on that blush but unfortunately, it being a limited edition left many unfulfilled desires. I think due to its popular demand Essence re vamped that blush into a new one that goes by the name of heat wave and is exactly similar to dates on skates. Although I own dates on skates but still I had heat wave on my wishlist and thanks to my fellow blogger who somehow got me what I wanted.   

Essence blush up in # 10 heat wave

Color studio nail polish in neon orange

Essence long lasting lipstick in blush my lips

Nail art brush and dotting tool

Fox's crystal clear fruit candies
Last but not the least she added a pack of her favorite candies to share her love for candies with me. Thats really thoughtful of her. If you noticed in the post she had a color theme in mind ranging from bright orange to pinks. I loved her idea of following a color theme. Everything she has sent me is absolutely beautiful, I love all the items she has sent me and have been trying them out everyday. In today's world it take a lot of effort to take out time from our personal lives, remember others and make an effort for them. I really appreciate her gesture. In case you are wondering who this lovely fellow blogger is, its Ana from the blog Ana's Journal. Head over to her blog to read the lovely posts by her and do not forget to like her page and follow her blog to show her love. 

A big thank you to you Ana for sending me Eidi. The effort is much loved and appreciated. Hope all the readers liked my Eid gifts as well. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!

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