|Review|: Milani Color Statement Lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

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Hi Beauties!

Woah! First post of the month, that too when almost half the month has gone by. I seriously need to be more consistent about blogging. Anyways I have a very rocking review lined up for today. You must know by now I am a total makeup junkie and I love hoarding makeup which is why I have to get anything new that has been launched in the market. When Milani color statement lipsticks were launched in Pakistan they created a big hype. I also ordered a few and finally am reviewing one today. So do these lipsticks live up to the hype they created or what? Read my review to find out! 

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose
Once you jump into Milani cosmetics world you'll find out that Milani statement lipsticks have been segregated into different categories according to their colors. You'll have shades ranging from oranges and reds, pinks and corals to plums and berries. The shade I chose is from the plums and berries family.  

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

Milani color statement lipsticks come in a shiny gold tube in a square shape with a colored section at the bottom exhibiting the shade of the lipstick. Some might find the gold colored packing to be tacky and cheap but I personally like it. Its sturdy and solid with only drawback being, it catches finger prints over the tube which makes it look stained. 

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

These lipsticks contain a strong element of water melon fragrance. You can feel it while applying the lipstick. I personally don't like water melon fragrance and find it offensive. However the good part is, once you are done with the application, you don't feel the fragrance anymore. That's a relief!

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose
 Pigmentation an texture:

I am in love with the color pay off and pigmentation of plumrose. Its thick and opaque and provides excellent coverage over the lips. No need to swipe it over the lips again and again. It does the job in a single to two swipes. The formula is smooth and the lipstick glides over the lips. Its neither matte and nor too glossy, it is just the right combination where it does not dry out your lips and neither gives them a glossy look. 

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose - swatch

Plumrose is a lovely pink mauve shade with a slightly brown under tone. Its the kind of color that I can easy pull off at work during day time and also can be classified as the sort of shade you can wear at night. It balances between being bright and subtle at the same time. Best part is, it looks delicious in pictures on your lips. What excuse do I have not to wear this color? This shade will suit fair complexioned as well as darker tones. I am amazed by the staying power of this lipstick. It stays good on my lips for almost 5 hours and slowly starts to fade, the color is still noticeable on the lips even after long hours. It is however slightly transferable and can be noticed marking cups and glasses upon drinking. 

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose

Milani color statement lipstick in # 17 Plumrose
All in all Milani color statement lipstick in Plumrose is one shade not to be missed. For a drug store brand Milani has come up with a miracle lipstick that delivers a lot at a very reasonable price compared to many other brands with higher prices. Other than the smell I have not found any other con in this lipstick and suggest giving this lipstick a try, its not something to be missed.






         Rs. 640


I purchased mine from Beauty Arena and they are also available at Just4girls

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your feedback if you already have this shade and have something to add from your personal experience. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!

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