|Review|: Essence Home Sweet Home blush in #02 Wool-d You Cuddle Me?

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One thing I really admire about Essence is their creativity when it comes to designing blushes. They always come up with such pretty and tempting designs and looks for a blush that whether you need a new blush in your stash or not, you are simply tempted to buy the new one. Same happened to me when Essence Pakistan launched their Home Sweet Home collection, just before Christmas and new year. The worst part about Essence blushes is they run out of stock within a blink of the eye. I luckily got my hands on the Home Sweet Home blush in #02, Wool-d you cuddle me? Read below to find out my experience with this blush. 

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me?

The blush comes in a round transparent plastic blush container with 8 gms product which is more than their regular blushes quantity. The packaging is cheap with nothing classy but for a drugstore brand its totally justified. The lid closes tightly with a click hence no fear of the product messing around everywhere. The back of the product mentions the ingredients and life of the product. You can scan the bar code to check the authenticity of the product, it works. 

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me? - back
 First Look:

Upon first glance on the blush, what holds your attention is the cute wool knitted design of the product. Being launched in Winters which happens to be the perfect season for wool, the blush is a temptation hard to resist. Its a two toned blush with a clearly visible bright pink and a dull orange inclining more towards peachy shade. 

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me?
 If you notice the close up below, the pink has very fine glitter particles that are not very visible. The glitter is very finely milled and adds a little shine on the cheeks along with the powdery blush. 

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me?
 Texture & Pigmentation:

Quite frankly, this blush did not turn out to be what I had expected. The blush is very powdery and chalky. Upon swiping, it picks up a lot of product more like packs up a lot of powder on the brush but sadly is not very pigmented. The colors lack pigmentation by heaps in my opinion. The pink shade compared to the dull orange is quite better in pigmentation but the orange one is a complete disappointment for me. It hardly shows up on my face and I can not imagine wearing the orange alone on my cheeks as it won't appear on my face at all. 

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me? - swatch
Above, you can see the swatches of both the shades separately. The orange appears as a very dull gold, more like a highlighter, which, trust me it isn't. The pink one appears to be more visible and pigmented. The good thing however is, besides having a chalky texture, once applied on the cheeks it gives a very smooth finish with no paste-y feeling. It settles on the skin very nicely and does not even enhance the pores.  

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me? - swatch
Lasting ability:

Another disappointment I have from this blush is, its lasting power. It lasts no more than 2 - 3 hours and then completely vanishes from the face. Even for a drug store brand, Essence has a way better performance, so, I am not accepting it as an excuse this time.  

Essence home sweet home blush in #02 Wool-d you cuddle me? - both shades blended
Above picture depicts the final look of the blush. It provides a nice peachy pink color upon mixing while the glitter adds a nice overall sheen to it. The overall effect is nice but not very pigmented. Although the blush is meant to provide you the opportunity of applying three different shades according to your choice; orange, pink if applied separately and the blended color when both shades are mixed together. However for me, it did not serve the purpose. Pink alone and blended with range works for me but the dull orange is too light and shallowly pigmented. 




          Rs. 430


Its a limited edition hence won't be available for long. But you can find it at selected Essence kiosks and online at Just4girls.pk. I purchased mine from Victoria Departmental Store just when the collection was launched. 

Hope you liked my review. Don't forget to drop in your comments and share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. XOXO!

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