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12:39 PM

 Hi Beauties!

So after being MIA for quite some days I am back in action. To begin with, I am posting a mini haul that I did a while back but forgot all about it, found the pictures a few days back but my laptop crashed. Finally, I am able to do a post today. So here are a few of my purchases.

Lakme eyeconic 10hr in white, Playboy lipsticks, Pupa milano lipstick
I have been on the look out for Lakme eyeconic in white for quite long. The moment I saw Kareena Kapoor's advertisement for this pencil, I was sold. I had been bugging the shopkeeper from time to time and wanted my hands on this product so badly, since the black eyeconic has been most favorite eye pencil so far. So when these hit the stores, the shopkeeper kept one aside for me to buy it whenever I visited. Perks of being a regular customer!!!

Lakme eyeconic in white

Lakme eyeconic in white
These Playboy lipsticks were on sale, I really liked the colors and wanted to give them a try. I highly doubt their authenticity but the colors had me sold so I went for them. One of them is a bright red while the other shade is maroon-ish. I am wearing the red one right now. 

Playboy lipstick in 56 and 57
Lastly, been hearing and seeing a lot of Pupa Milano brand, decided to give it a try. Easiest thing I could buy as a first product was their lipstick. I got myself shade 207 which is a subtle pink shade. Lets see how it turns out to be. 

Pupa Milano lipstick in shade # 207

Pupa Milano lipstick in shade # 207

Pupa Milano lipstick in shade # 207

Now for the prices:
1. Lakme eyeconic Rs. 620, $6
2. Playboy lipsticks Rs. 50 each, $1 for both
3. Pupa Milano lipstick Rs. 300, $3

I purchased all these items from Victoria departmental store. You can find the Lakme eyeconic in black almost everywhere, finding the white is a bit trouble some. I, so far, have only seen it at Victoria. They are selling it at quite a high price, claiming it to be original from India, I seriously don't know if it is or not. But one thing I am sure of is, it works great, so might as well be the real thing. Pupa Milano lipsticks can also be found easily at big stores and online shopping sites. Playboy lipsticks might be hard to find. 

Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments to make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care. XOXO!!!

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