Well-Beeing Bee Awake Facial Cleanser for Dry Normal Skin

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Last month I got the opportunity to be part of a blogger's meet up for the launch of a new skin care brand by the name of Well-beeing. Lucky for us bloggers, at the end of the event, we were given out a few products to try and give our reviews. So, after careful testing for like over a month now, I am reviewing Well-beeing's Bee-awake facial cleanser. Read further to know my take on this product. 

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser
I introduced the brand quite in detail in my previous meet up post (read here) and also about the wide range of products its offering at the moment so won't be writing about the brand introduction in this post. Skipping right to the point, here is what Well-beeing says about its Bee-awake facial cleanser:

"Daily cleanser for dry and normal skin is without soap, chemical preservatives, and coloring, removes dirt debris and impurities. Nourishing Kaolin clay, absorbing fuller's earth balances skin sebum while oatmeal deep cleanses. Gentle exfoliation with sucrose helps eliminating dead skin cells away. Vitamin rich first cold-pressed organic sweet almond oil lightly moisturizes the skin. Alert your senses with the awakening dose of caffeine that helps with puffy skin to get firm, smooth and tighten its appearance. Antioxidants contained in caffeine counter free radicals and aid eliminating them, giving a younger and healthier looking skin. This cleanser also helps to restore the hydrolipidic barrier and forms a nourishing & protective film on skin."

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser

The cleanser comes in a small transparent plastic jar with a silver colored screw on lid. The jar is small in size and travel friendly. The quantity of the product is not mentioned. However, upon using I can safely guess the product will last about 3 months or a little more depending upon your usage. The product is tightly settled into the jar considering the grainy mud like texture of the product. I do not fear fall offs in my bag at all. 

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser

The texture and feel of the product is exactly like mud. It even looks like the color of dark mud. The color of the cleanser is grey charcoal but upon mixing it with water it turns more like a regular mud color. 


The most dominating note in the fragrance of the cleanser is coffee. Upon opening, one can very easily detect the smell of coffee, and it lingers on the skin for a while after washing. The center of the cleanser in the jar is garnished with grounded coffee beans and it makes me want to take a handful and eat it. 

The thing about Well-beeing products is, it targets multiple avenues at the same time. Take this cleanser as an example. The ingredients of this product are focused on the improvement of skin, thats one thing, fragrance on the other hand works to stimulate your nasal sensors and awaken you up. There is an element of aromatherapy involved in Well-beeing products, all the more reason to give them a try.

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser

A serious precaution one needs to take using this facial cleanser is, making sure the cleanser does not come in contact with water in the jar. Left over water will result in mold formulation in the jar infecting the product and reducing its life. Make sure you lift the product with dry fingers or with the help of a spatula. I use a small plastic spatula for taking out the required amount and I always make sure the spatula is dry. 

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser


Wet your face with water. Take a pea size chunk in your palm, mix with a little water and massage to make a paste. Apply on your face and neck in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

The usage instructions may seem pretty easy right now but I had a hard time getting the directions work for me. The thing is, formulation of the cleanser is mud like, if you dont use enough water, chunks will be formed and fall off easily not staying on the skin. On the other hand, if you will use more water, the product will become runny and again wont stay on the skin. To fix this problem, here is what I do, I take small amount of the cleanser on the palm of my hand and mix a few drops of water with the index finger of my other hand, rub my palms together and apply on my face. With my finger tips I rub it all over my face and rinse with water. 

Well-beeing Bee-awake facial cleanser

Mixing bee-awake in water
As mentioned the product is free of any preservatives, harmful chemicals or use of any animal product. Its vegan and not tested on animals. With the absence of preservatives the question arises of the shelf life of the product. I am pleased to say the product has a shelf life of 1 year approximately. With regular use you wont be able to make it last that long :) 

Knowing the product is vegan and chemical free, I can happily skip a few products in my skin care routine and replace them with Bee-awake. It can not get more skin friendly than this. 

Left hand - washed with bee-awake

The above picture depicts a before and after usage of Bee-awake facial cleanser.  The difference you see above between left and right hand is with just one initial use. To be honest, in the beginning I was unable to blend water and cleanser properly which was very off putting for me and it made me not want to use the product but slowly I got a hang of it and I am very pleased I gave this product a chance. I have dry to combination skin. In Summers my skin goes oily and in Winters its dry like a dessert. With the sharp Winter wave we are currently facing my scalp has also gone dry causing an excessive amount of dandruff. This dandruff and dry scalp causes my forehead to itch a LOT. The itching caused rashes and tiny bumps which were noticeable if one looked at me real carefully. I tried my regular face cleansers and toners but nothing seemed to work. This itch used to get worse after washing face. 

Now comes the part where bee-awake cleanser worked like a miracle for me. I closely observed the effects of bee-awake on my skin. Within 3 uses I felt the itching reduced considerably and my forehead skin began to repair. The itching has reduced a lot and I do not feel tiny bumps or rashes over my forehead. Moreover it moisturizes my skin forming a light film of oil over my skin. For Winter season I am very thankful for this moisturizing effect. This moisturizing effect is due to the presence of extra virgin olive oil and canola oil mixed in proper proportions since these oil are the most suitable for dry skins. The mud like texture exfoliates the skin, the texture may feel a bit harsh if proper amount of water is not used however it does not harm or damage the skin in any way. I feel my skin is clean after using this cleanser and does not require the use of toner afterwards. 

To sum it up this product exfoliates, cleanses, moisturizes and tones up the skin. Along with all this the aroma of coffee stimulates your senses and makes them more receptive. I use the cleanser once or twice daily.  All in all, I am very satisfied with the use of this cleanser. I would love to try this cleanser in the Summer season as well to see it will work on my oily skin at that time. But at the moment for Winter season this is a God sent product.






Introductory price of the product is Rs. 550 which is more than reasonable considering its vegan and lasts up to 3 months approx.


You can buy Well-beeing products online from their Facebook page by clicking here.

Hope you liked my detailed review on the product. Drop in your feedback to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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