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11:18 PM

Hi Beauties!

So I am finally back to blogging after a much needed break. I was busy in my exams and making plans for furthering my career and studies. Most of it has been sorted and some things are being taken care of simultaneously. I just can not stay away from blogging for long so here I am today, back with a new post. 

Good news is, I have also won a giveaway, finally!!! It feels great to win stuff, the feeling is simply awesome. I am just going to share with you the prize I won along with a few details. Detailed review of the products will be posted after a thorough use of the items. A while back Jo's Organic beauty, a home based brand selling organic skin care products held a giveaway on Facebook and luckily I won, thereby announced to be entitled to Rs. 3500 worth of products. So here is what I won. 

Jo's organic beauty

Jo's organic beauty jute bag

Items won in the giveaway

Lip smoochie in strawberry

Jo's organic chocolate scrub

Jo's whitening and rejuvenating soap

Jo's lotion bar in orange

Jo's candy foot softener

Jo's lip scrub in cotton candy

1. Candy foot softener Rs. 600
2. Chocolate face scrub Rs. 550
3. Orange lotion bar Rs. 500
4. Lip smoochie Rs. 350
5. Jute bag Rs. 600
6. Lip scrub Rs. 400
7. Whitening soap Rs. 300

Total   Rs. 3300

Shipping and handling charges Rs. 300 

Grand total Rs. 3600 

I have already reviewed the whitening soaps, you can read the soap review by clicking here. I have to try the remaining products and I am very enthusiastic to try them. I have read some really good reviews about the chocolate scrub. 

Thank you so much Jo's organic winner for choosing me as the winner of your giveaway and thank you so much for the lovely goodies. Reviews will follow shortly. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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