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Hi Beauties!

If you are an Essence cosmetics fan then you must be aware there is a cosmetic buffet going on from April 13th to 19th in Lahore Fortress Square. If you did not know earlier, well, now you have been informed. It would be a serious beauty sin to miss this event. Why? Keep reading my post and be enlightened as this post will coach you on the how to's of Essence Pakistan dig in cosmetic buffet.

Essence cosmetic buffet goodie bag
Essence is one of my favorite drug store beauty brand and I pride myself for being the pioneer Pakistani beauty blogger to blog about it. Essence has arranged one of a kind dig in cosmetic buffet for the first time in any makeup brand history in Pakistan. The process was very simple, all you had to do was put in your hand in a pool of Essence cosmetics and grab as many products as you could in one go. 


Here are a few pointers for you if you haven't been to the buffet yet.

1. The ticket charges for one hand are Rs. 500 and for both hands, Rs. 1000. 

2. The products have been placed in a glass container with a bottom support. The height is approximately 4 feet or above, which makes grabbing products difficult if you are short height-ed like below 5.4'. I recommend wearing heels, I was luckily wearing them today with my 5.1' stature. 

3. If you have been following the event page of Essence and been watching pictures posted of the Germany event where women are carrying nail polishes till their elbows, that is not going to happen. You can only dig in with your hands i.e. palms only. 

4. You can only pick items in one go. Once you have touched the products, you can not move away your hands and touch again, you have to grab them then and there with single sweep movement. Remember how a folk lifter works, that is the key to hand movements for grabbing maximum products.

5. I recommend opting for Rs. 1000 ticket as you can opt for multiple items in one go with both hands compared to grabbing items with one hand only. Rs. 1000 ticket is worth more the stuff. 

6. Males and females can both dig in. So I recommend taking your fathers, husband, brothers or male friends along and asking them to grab stuff for you. Bigger the hands more the stuff. I loved how fathers were taking turns to grab cosmetics for their daughters.

7. One person can take multiple turns but for each turn one has to pay each time. 

8. There is an Essence staff standing right next to the container to put your items in a paper goodie bag. In case you drop something out of your hands it does not belong to you anymore and it moves back to the container. I saw some women arguing about the fallen items. Please I humbly request not to argue with the staff, they have their orders to follow the rules, it wastes time of other people standing in the queue waiting for their turn, also it does not seem appropriate to argue for a few items when you already have dug up items worth way more than the ticket price. (Its just a friendly suggestion). 

Below are the pictures of items I grabbed with both my hands. I managed to get 23 items and they worth way more than mere Rs. 1000. 

From the pictures you can see there is a vast variety of products. Its sheer luck what you manage to sweep from the container.


I noticed three things in the activity which I would like to point out to essence if they can work on them. 

One, there is a serious lack of lipsticks. Two, the items are not placed evenly, some items are in way more quantity than others, I was the one who got the opportunity to pick up stuff from the very first lot and all I could see was mascaras and mascaras. Thirdly, I am looking at the pictures posted by other people who participated in the buffet. I suppose with each lot, the items kept on varying, like in my lot, there were no eye shadow palettes, gel liners, pigments or gel nail polishes. I think it would be good to mix products altogether so that each lot has almost consistent variety of products. 


If you think any of the products might be expired or near to expiry, that is not the case, so please do not hesitate to participate. I plan to go again tomorrow to try my luck. Hopefully there will be some new variety of products. 

1 day has gone and 6 more to go. Dont wait, get yourselves ready to report at Fortress Square at 6.30, you might get lucky to grab some awesome beauty products by Essence. For activity updates click here

Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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