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Hi Beauties!

Its been really long that I have not posted anything on under garments but that does not mean I have forgotten about this aspect of my blog. I have received mixed reviews on such posts of mine. Some have been very supportive and appreciative, acknowledging that such posts are helpful since such guidance is severely lacking while there have also been others who have called me names and also termed me as "panty blogger". Since I consider my blog a passion that I do for myself with the idea that it might help many other making wise choices I present today a post which is long due. 

Sometime back, I stumbled upon an online Facebook store selling lingerie. The thing about purchasing under garments online is the in-clarity when it comes to size and fit. Purchasing panties might still be easier but its the bras that become tricky. The 50% sale on this Facebook store is what propelled me to make this purchase. How was my experience? Read further to find out... 

Panties set from Code

Pink Monday Panties

Blue Tuesday panties

White Wednesday panties

Black Thursday panties

Yellow Friday panties

Red Saturday panties

Purple Sunday panties

These panties are made of cotton-y material with some percentage of nylon present in them that helps with the stretch. However the elasticity is quite limited and the panties hardly expand. The fabric is quite thin and the color also started to fade after 4-5 washes and they look quite worn. The angel wings and text are screen printed on the panties. 

My Experience:

First and foremost, there are two problems with purchasing lingerie online. One, you can never be sure of the material unless you are purchasing it from a tested brand and secondly the sizes can vary a great deal from brand to brand and product to product. I won't recommend purchasing lingerie online unless you are absolutely sure about the size. This being my first under garments online shopping experience, I'd say it was fairly okay. These under wears are by some Korean brand and Korean sizes are comparatively smaller to our sizes, which means one must always order a size or two bigger when it comes to Korean or Chinese under garments. I was informed before hand of this difference and was provided a chart to choose the correct size. I opted for the Large size since it was the last available option that would snugly fit me.  For the first few uses, the panties felt a little tight on me but after 2 to 3 uses, they got comfortable. I used the panties for 2 to 3 months but not very frequently. They are of an average quality and did not last long. They are best to be worn in Summers since the fabric is thin and allows air to pass through. 

If your hip size is any greater than 35 inches then I would not recommend you opting for this set as the Large size is something that is close to our medium.




The panties set was on 50% for Rs. 1095. I'd say the panties are steeply priced considering their quality. For Rs. 1095 the price is just but the original price of Rs. 2190 is too high for this set.


You can purchase these panties online via Facebook store CODE by clicking on this link

Hope you liked the review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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