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Hi Beauties!

As we are slowly drifting towards the Winter season, frosty and vibrant is becoming a fast favorite. Essence keeping that in mind has also brought the Cinderella collection to Pakistan, which is inspired by the dark Cinderella movie released in March 2015. The makeup collection has rekindled love with Cinderella all over again. I purchased 3 items out of the Cinderella collection which I have completely fallen in love with. Read further to find out more about my purchases from the Cinderella collection.

Essence Cinderella highlighter powder, Essence Cinderella nail polish, Essence Cinderella blush
I was still immersing myself in Ready for boarding collection by Essence (read haul post here), when the Cinderella collection also launched. I only saw the highlighter, one look and I knew I had to get this one, no matter how many highlighters I already possess in my stash. Before I post a detailed review on this one, let me just tell it to you right here and now, this highlighter is simply amazing. It can compete with the Balm highlighters, even the It cosmetics highlighter and Anastasia one. So yeah, Get it before it runs out of stock!!!

Essence Cinderella highlighter in #01 The glass slipper

Essence Cinderella highlighter in #01 The glass slipper

Coming towards the nail polish, its a beautiful frosty baby pink color which gives a very elegant look to the hands and is matte. The only problem I have faced with this nail polish is, removing it after wards. The nail polish is bloody hard to remove and was a real pain for me. Took good amount of my time and effort.

Essence Cinderella nail polish in Sing, sweet nightingale

Ah! I can repeat it over and over non stop, Essence makes the best and most affordable blush ons. Same goes for the Cinderella one too. One, the packaging is very cute and reminds me of my childhood, fascinated by Cinderella and the magic with happy endings. Two, the color pay off and the color itself is amazing. You must try the blush yourself to know what I am talking about. 

Essence Cinderella blush in #01 So this is love

Essence Cinderella blush in #01 So this is love
I am actually glad for myself, I remained in my senses and ordered 3 products only as mostly my senses take a leave whenever I spot something new from Essence and end up hoarding lots of stuff. The prices of these items are as follows:

1. Essence Cinderella highlighter Rs. 650
2. Essence Cinderella nail polish Rs. 420
3. Essence Cinderella blush Rs. 650

When I spotted the collection, it had not hit the shelves by then so I ordered it online through Beautybar.pk. Its a really good store with efficient delivery system. This has only been my first order with them. You can shop for other brands as well through them. Hope you liked my haul. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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