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Hi Beauties! is Pakistan's first of its kind online beauty services marketplace connecting women to salons and spas. officially introduced itself this Friday at LUMS. Collaborating with LUMS Dramaline Society and two of the biggest names of the beauty industry, Redah Misbah, owner of Depilex Group and Shammal Qureshi, owner of Toni & Guy, brought to the audience, the first ever beauty event in LUMS that included a live make over within minutes.

The theatrical performance was a house full as it was a light-hearted comedy based on students and campus life, the joys of being love struck and deli ma of encountering a heart break. It was a superb performance by the actors of LUMS Dramaline Society. The play definitely cracked up the audience number of times with well executed funny scenarios and strong punch lines. It also involved a live make over during the performance, executed by Redah Misbah and Shammal Qureshi. This was the first time both Shammal and Redah ever performed on stage live in front of the audience. My eyes were peeled on the on going makeover trying to grasp a few fast tricks of getting ready so quick.

Commenting on the event, Sahr Said, the CEO of said:

“We are building Pakistan’s first online beauty service marketplace. And for the first time in Pakistan you can now search, discover, review and book beauty appointments at top salons and spas online, and get exclusive discounts on all services for online beauty bookings. We want to bring the beauty services industry online, and become trend setters in the online beauty space. Keeping with our commitment to being the first, has arranged an evening filled with many firsts."

A number of first times happened all because of This was the first time ever that an external event of this scale took place at LUMS, this was the first time Redah and Shammal performed in a skit with the actors for a live audience, this was the first time ever that top beauty experts in the industry gave a live demo to the LUMS students, and the first time ever that the crew at LUMS Dramaline society came together with and beauty industry experts to put up a tremendous performance at LUMS.

We spoke to Co-founder & chief marking officer, Sundus Amjad and asked her why LUMS was chosen as the ground for this event, LUMinites as their target market & beauty & tech industry experts as the guests…

"Beauty Hooked is a technology product. We’re trying to shift an entire industry from the traditional pen, paper & visits in & to salons to bookings & purchasing online.

As witnessed, globally millennials and mobile-savvy consumers are the ones driving the shift in the beauty tech industry - capturing the attention of younger adults and, in particular, millennials can lead to a long-term market advantage for Beauty Hooked.

But capturing their attention is not easy.

Millennials are bombarded with information and connected 24/7/365. They are tech-savvy, who grew up with technology, and rely on it in their personal & professional lives. They’re constantly multi-tasking with ongoing partial attention, in a world where 140-character tweets seem lengthy.

So how do you as Beauty Hooked get them to pay attention to a technology product in a ever growing technological world?

Because their devices are so personal to them, we tread lightly with our marketing efforts. They want to interact with brands/us on our terms. Algorithms are great at knowing about them, but they have to be comfortable with us in order for us to be effective.

Reaching them requires more than posting our banner and telling them where they can find us.

If they voluntarily opt-in and ask for us to communicate with them, they expect us to use a direct, simple message that speaks their language.

So keeping these key characteristic in mind, Beauty Hooked designed an entire event in their territory with their people so that they can be reached in a more personalized manner, in a setting they’re comfortable with.

The event was planned & executed with LUMS Dramatics society so that we could spend time and work with LUMites to spread inside their communities, build bonds with them & make their lives convenient by introducing Beauty Hooked as a solution to their ever growing beauty needs.

Working on this product, we analyzed that the beauty industry in general is lacking connections with these millennials. We invited beauty industry experts – our salon partners so that they could connect with their in a more casual setting.

Technology experts were invited to witness the beauty of millennial connections & conversions in and around a new technology product.

It was for the first time ever in Pakistan that such a setting was witnessed.

Beauty Hooked is proud to be the initiators of this trend that is sure to be picked up by the beauty industry.

This is just the start."

Like they say: "Sky is the limit", same goes for BeautyHooked people. They did not limit themselves to just providing salon or spa services, they have also undertaken the task of bringing bloggers under their own umbrella. The process has been initiated and will properly be executed in a matter of time but as an initial step towards the goal, the efforts of the bloggers were recognized and a pre-event campaign was run on Facebook and bloggers were invited where they received a small presentation about regarding the idea and concept behind it. Bloggers were given discount vouchers and freebies as souvenirs.

On the day of theatrical performance, not only the bloggers but all attendees received discount vouchers. The VIP guests received goodie bags my Masarrat Misbah Makeup and Toni & Guy products.  

On the whole it was a huge succces for BeautyHooked team. They have bloggers on board, the play tuned out to be house full and they have big brand names associated with them. 

Entertainment partners: LUMS Dramaline
Event partners: Top Ventures

Some of the pictures from the event are below for you to enjoy.

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