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Hi Beauties!

I have been eyeing the Benefit They're real push up liner for a long time. Since I had heard and read great reviews about the mascara, I was hoping high for the eye liner as well. The unique style and idea was also irking me to give it a try. I personally do not consider Benefit a drug store brand, for the price, its a luxury brand to me. So I wanted to be really sure about the eye liner before opting to buy it. Thanks to the recent Makeup exhibition arranged by Facebook store Makeup 4 U, I bought a sample set containing they're real push up liner and mascara. I am reviewing the liner today in the hope this review will help many others like me deciding whether they want to invest money in this eye liner or not. Let's begin. 

Benefit they're real push up liner
Benefit, they're real push up liner deluxe size comes in a very appealing tiny packaging with a very detailed description about the product and how to use it. I am actually thankful for the instructions as I had trouble sorting how to make this liner work. 

Benefit they're real push up liner

Benefit they're real push up liner

Benefit they're real push up liner
Well, the point of taking so many pictures is ensuring that as readers, you know the actual size of the sample product. The problem in my opinion is, sometimes we buy sample sizes in the hope the product is big enough as items tend to appear bigger in pictures. People, this is a really tiny sized deluxe sample. If you plan on investing Rs. 1000 on it solely at some Facebook store, please do not fall for it. This is just a warning. Since I got this push up liner along with quite a few sample sized items for Rs. 1500, it was a stellar deal. 

Benefit they're real push up liner
The deluxe sample comes in a sealed plastic packaging, probably because its a gen liner and they dry quickly so they sealed it off in plastic to make it last longer. I am not sure, its just a wild guess because I really do not see any other point of putting it in plastic. 

Benefit they're real push up liner

Benefit they're real push up liner

Benefit they're real push up liner
The sample is even smaller than 2.5 inches but it will give you a few applications to judge the performance of the product.  

Benefit they're real push up liner
Once you remove the cap, the inside is all rubber. The tip is made of accu flex technology which allows smooth gliding application of the eye liner. You squeeze the rubber base to push up the eye liner to the accu flex tip.  

Benefit they're real push up liner

Benefit they're real push up liner

Benefit they're real push up liner applied
My Experience:

I do not own a lot of Benefit products which is probably why I find benefit products quite intriguing. Since I had my eyes set on this particular eye liner i had to give it a try. I must say its a very disappointing product. It did not work for me at all. First, I thought it has to be me only, I am the one who is unable to figure out how to use it properly. Then, I read reviews on it over the internet and the feedback is quite mixed with most on the negative side. There are quite a lot of reasons for it. Let me start with the Accu flex tip protector. The accu flex is actually the innovation of benefit which ensure the eye lashes stay out of the way and the liner glides on smoothly on to the eyes. Yes, the idea works just fine but with the formulation of the eye liner, I am pretty sure the tip wont last long. It will deteriorate quite quickly. Now to mention the tip protector, its the microscopic orange thing that protects the accu flex tip and keeps the liner from drying. So do not throw it away like I have. The problem is the protector is so tiny, I can not manage to keep up with it all the time. I will surely lose it or forget putting it on. 

Moving on to the next problem, its the consistency of the liner. All gel liners tend to dry quickly. The tricky part about manufacturing a good gel liner is getting the right consistency, the right blend of moisture and dryness to avoid flakiness and quick drying. Benefit push up liner is too dry for my likes. When pushing it out, the liner comes out in tiny flakes at times which no matter what either fall on the lashes or simply on the floor. Moreover while applying it dries too quick, so if you have missed a spot or want to re apply over it just don't. It will result in a mess. It works better for a thin line but if you want a bold thick look then just forget it. It will take shit loads of time and in the end all you are going to get is a mess of flakes and uneven lines with a very bad outer corner. 

Lastly coming to the product dispensing, its just a nightmare. You have to squeeze out the liner several times for application and in case of full sized liner, twist it several times to achieve the desired application on full eye. Its a sheer wastage of time which I am strictly adverse to given the tight crunch in the morning of getting to work in time. 

In the favor of the product I will say, its the blackest of the black eye liner in terms of pigmentation and is water proof and long lasting. It does not budge or smudge and stays put no matter what. It would have actually been a great eye liner, had the consistency not been so dry. In order to remove it you need to use a water proof eye makeup remover because otherwise it does not come off. Gel eye liners are generally tricky and require some time getting used to if you are a liquid eye liner user. But the Benefit push up liner fails at quite a few fronts which is why it isn't making on to my like list at all. 

  • Long lasting
  • Does not smudge
  • Water proof
  • Lash hugging. Say good bye to that peeking flesh below the liner
  • Travel friendly
  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Dries too fast
  • Application is too time taking
  • Formulation is too dry and flakey
  • Not build-able
  • Product wastage upon application
  • Short life

              $24 or Rs. 2800 - 3200 (full sized)


                     Online Facebook stores in Pakistan


If you want to appease your curiosity for the product only then buy it otherwise its not worth the money or effort in my opinion. 

I hope you liked my detailed honest review on the product. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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