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Hi Beauties!

I love my skin. It usually does not give me a tough time. I have a neat and acne free skin with a few open pores on the cheek area. Other than that I do not find any such problems with my skin. It usually gets dry in the Winter season and the T-zone gets super oily in Summers. Sensitivity is also not an issue and I get to experiment a lot with my skin. Mashallah! During the Summers, I had a tough time making my skin behave. I used to get an unclean feeling even after washing my face as if the skin was not thoroughly clean and my pores could not breathe. I have always admired Garnier skin care products as they have shown good results on my skin. It was time to try a new face scrub. Out of many variants, I opted for the Pure active intensive charcoal scrub. Read my complete review to find out more about my experience with Garnier charcoal scrub. 

Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub

Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub comes in a 150 ml plastic squeeze tube which is easy to use but I would not quite label it as travel friendly since its 150 ml and not really light to be carrying around in your bag. 

Garnier claims:

"For oily to acne-prone skin that is prone to excess oil and pimples, and you want to reduce them, and help prevent their recurrence.
Its formula combines anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid with a new star ingredient – Charcoal. Known for its super-absorbent properties, it acts as a magnet for dirt to effectively help eliminate impurities and excess oil.
Its foaming scrub texture contains exfoliating particles to remove impurities and help fight pimples. Skin looks clearer and feels cleaner."

Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub

Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub

Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub
Texture and Consistency:

The scrub is gel like with a runny consistency, it has a slight tinge of blue and grey in it possibly due to the presence of charcoal particles. The charcoal particles are a bit harsh but not too harsh, just the right kind of harsh required for exfoliation and scrubbing. 

Garnier pure active intensive charcoal scrub
My Experience:

With first time use only, I was very much taken by this face scrub. I absolutely love the way it cleans my skin. I feel as if my pores are also clean and they are able to finally breathe. Not a single speck of dirt and grease is left behind after use. I get zits on my forehead mostly either due to having dandruff or having an oily T-zone in Summers. It annoys me a lot when after a good face washing, my forehead starts to itch. With the use of Garnier charcoal face scrub, my zits were more manageable, as they did not bother me or did not feel greasy or itchy. As claimed by Garnier, the charcoal acts as a "dirt magnet", I do agree with their claim, it does clean and purify the skin extracting all oil, grease and dirt. The smell of the face scrub is also tolerable as its very light with a minty touch. 

The charcoal exfoliating particles are a bit harsh, I would not recommend using this scrub to people with sensitive skin. The 3 main action ingredients of this scrub are charcoal, salicylic acid and micro beads. The charcoal acts as a dirt magnet and absorbs excess sebum and impurities. The salicylic acid neutralizes bacteria and opens clogged pores. The micro beads help in the fading of dark spots and arks. I personally did not notice any fading effect and neither did I pay attention to it. But yes, I can vouch for cleaning of impurities, keeping a check on sebum and opening of clogged pores. 


  • Cleans and purifies the skin
  • Great exfoliant
  • Lasts long
  • Affordable
  • Leaves skin refreshed
  • Not travel friendly
  • Maybe a little harsh for people with sensitive skin





            Rs. 499


I am not sure if this face wash is available at all stores nationwide but I have spotted it at Raja Sahib and Enem. I purchased mine from Raja Sahib.

Hope you liked the review. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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