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Hi Beauties!

First of all, Happy new year 2016 to all my lovelies who read and follow my blog. I wish you the best for the year ahead. New year, new spirit and new resolutions. I have only come up with one resolution so far and that is to shed some weight and get a flat tummy. I would love to read about your new year resolutions in comments section of this post.

I would keep the post real short and post about jewelry items I purchased from Inc. at very economical prices. 

Inc. accessories
I was on the look out for Winter stuff at Inc. eyeing the new jackets, lingerie and something to wear for work out. By the end of my stroll in the store I spotted these earrings and bought them as they were really cheap and good quality, not to ignore, funky as well. 

As far as I remember, there were a few more earrings in other colors as well but these were the most appropriate and suitable colors for me. The best part about these earrings is, they are matte. They are not shiny or flashy but are completely matte which makes them wearable at work as well. 

Each earring pair is priced at Rs. 349 which I find very reasonable. Inc. overall is a reasonable brand for me and I really love their items. I have a few lingerie pieces, sleep wear, tops and a Zara jacket in my stash as well, all purchased from Inc. at the most unbelievable prices. So yeah, I am one Inc. loyal customer now. 

Have you ever shopped from Inc. store? How has been your experience? Share your reviews with me in comments as I love reading your feedback. You can access the latest news and trends at their Facebook page. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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