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Some products come with the tendency to surprise you when you least expect it. Same is the case with Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash. I usually find myself confused over Garnier products. There are some Garnier products which are locally manufactured while quite a few are imported. Its always a mystery for me to figure out which one is a local product and which one is imported. Anyhow Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash, the one I am reviewing is locally made and has pleasantly surprised me. There is no doubt that when it comes to skin care products, Garnier knows its game really well. In my opinion, Garnier comes with few of the most effective face washes and I keep ending up trying one or another face wash from their range as they have so many variants. Read further to find out more about this product. 

Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash

The face wash comes in a yellow plastic squeeze tube with 50ml product content. Its a very travel friendly size and I like to carry it around in my bag whenever I am travelling out of city. It has 2 size variants, one is the 50ml squeeze tube and the other one is 100ml squeeze tube.

Here is what Garnier claims about this product:

"If your skin is prone to dullness and darkening, it is effective daily face wash that helps recover a clear, radiant, even complexion"


The face wash has a very creamy, thick and smooth texture but it lathers easily. Just make sure the face or fingers are wet enough otherwise it doesn't lather well and sticks to face like a cream. A little goes a long way, hence very small amount of the product is required. What else can one wish for? An inexpensive product that lasts long. 

Swatch of Garnier Light Fairness Face Wash

My Experience:

I am not obsessive about getting a fairer complexion, my focus lies in getting a clear and clean skin. Despite my initial reservations, Garnier face wash proved to be very effective at cleansing my skin at the end of the day. I have a combination skin which means my skin has a mood of its own. It may decide to become dry or oily at its own will. Like for whole of the Winters my skin remained fresh and moisturized and its in March now, that it has decided to go really dry and chappy. I used this face wash when Winters were at peak and it did not dry my skin at all. I guess most creamy cleansers are moisturizing which hold true for this one too. 

I rate any face wash or cleanser 5/5 if its able to remove my eye makeup without giving me raccoon eyes and wipes off the eye liner swiftly. It makes me believe that the product is capable of deep cleansing my skin if its good enough to remove water proof eye makeup products. This face wash really did it for me which is why I am very content with its performance. 

I personally would not recommend it for people with oily skin for use in Summers as its a cream based moisturizing face wash and it may end up giving them a greasy finish. At this point I can not comment on the lightening properties of the face wash as I did not experience a change in my complexion with one squeeze tube usage. Long term usage may lead to conclusive results but I can not say it for sure. 


  • Provides an instant glow
  • Cleanses thoroughly
  • Good makeup remover
  • Lathers easily
  • Less product consumption
  • Soft, clear skin
  • Moisturizes skin after wash
  • Inexpensive

I really do not know what to dislike about this product as it has worked so well for me. Although I have read some mixed reviews about this product but it really worked well on my skin. I plan to buy it again and use it in Summers as well to see how it fares on my skin during the hot and humid weather.






Garnier light fairness face wash can easily be bought from local departmental stores, local shops and online from beautyarena.pk 


             Rs. 99 or $1 (approx) 
Prices may differ from store to store.


A big yes to people with dry to combination skins. 

Word of caution:

After personally experiencing it, I believe it to be my duty to let you all know that our market is full of counterfeit Garnier products unfortunately. You will not only find 2 number in Garner but 4 number and 10 number as well. Please make sure whenever you buy Garnier products ensure, its bought from a store that sells 100% authentic products and read reviews on the internet before making the purchase so you know what an original item looks like, 

I hope you liked my detailed review of the face wash. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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