The Glam Camp 2016

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Hi Love!

On February 20th, 2016, 5 Facebook stores got together and arranged a cosmetics, clothes and jewellery exhibition in Lahore arranged by Demure events. The main focus of the event was cosmetics. Since I also dig makeup my whole focus lied there and I did not take a look at the clothes or jewllery. 

The 5 Facebook stores were:

1. Viva La Glam
2. Semora
3. House of Dolls
4. Glamour Galleria
5. Enum Rana - The makeup artist

The location of the exhibition was Cafe X2, my favorite Pan Asian dining restaurant located in Liberty. 

The start of the event was a little slow as I was exactly there at 1:00 pm but the setup was still taking place. The display space was very limited and small which was also a shock for the exhibitors as they were expecting larger tables for display but unfortunately got tiny tables and had to make shift and do with what was provided which led to quite a lot of stuff being non displayed. I made 2 visits to the exhibition. One, when it started, as its the perfect time, the stock is full, you get a variety to pick and choose from plus the limited quantity items are there for your picking. The second, in the evening to see if more stock has been put up and if there is anything different from earlier which actually wasn't. 

There were quite a lot of lip products by Wet n Wild, Color Pop and Nyx. However there was a lack of variety of other products from the same brands like very few eye shadows were available from Color Pop. I only spotted chunky glitter palettes by Nyx and certainly do not remember spotting anything by Wet n Wild other than their lipsticks and glitter eye shades. Morphe palettes were the highlight but the quantities were very limited, also there were no Morphe brushes in sight. Sephora favorites were on display, also, Elf skin care range, Murad, Bliss, Ole Henriksen, Victoria's Secrets and many more. 

My analysis is, Sehrish Rashid, owner of Viva La Glam, famous for her mystery boxes had mix products ranging from Sephora to Elf. Semora had more well known and accepted brands like Nyx, Color pop, the balm cosmetics, Makeup Revolution and Wet n Wild. Sadly I could not find House of Dolls, probably I did not buy anything from them or they did not have their labelled handbags. I am not sure about the Page name of the display set up which was closest to the entrance, they had great variety of Elf brushes and LA pro concealers. Other than that they had color pop minis, Anastasia Beverly Hills products and some more. Their prices were a little bit on the higher side like brow pomade was priced at Rs. 3500 while one can get it easily for Rs. 2800 maximum. 

Here are my buys from the exhibition. I am most proud on my purchase of Makeup Eraser towel as there were only 2 in stock and I got 1 of them. The other one was sold immediately as well so many wouldn't know they were even there. 

1. Murad set Rs. 1000 (Viva La Glam)
2. Makeup Eraser Rs. 2500 (Semora)
3. Elf Makeup Lock and Seal Rs. 650
4. Elf contouring brush Rs. 1350
5. Nyx orange concealer Rs. 1100

My purchases
Overall it was a nice event which could have been organized in a much better way by the event handlers. The prices in general were a little high. The best part was I got to stock the items I had been eyeing for sometime hence all ended well. We need more of these exhibitions because nothing beats the experience of seeing and feeling the product from your eyes and in your hands compared to online shopping.

Another best part about the exhibition was getting to meet the lovely owners of these Facebook stores and speak to them in person. Moreover the small meet and greet session with fellow bloggers was icing on top. I got to meet the Momma blogger, Sarah Ali. My lovely friend and blogger Fakhra was also there along with Bakhtawar another fellow blogger.

Anum Rehman Rana - makeup artist conducted training session later in the evening imparting girls important makeup tricks, secrets to contouring and much more. 

I hope you liked my review of the Glam Camp albeit late. Drop in your comments to share you feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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