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Hi Dearies!

As you all know how I love beauty subscription services, I have found another one. In fact I feel I am quite late in discovering this one. I stumbled upon this service while surfing a new beauty blog I found and with a few clicks here and there I ordered my first box. Read my review to find out more about another local subscription service in Pakistan.

Style Me Box for the month of April
Style Me Box is the new subscription service I have discovered. Its a blend between makeup and jewllery items. Each month's box is inspired from something from our surroundings and that is how they color code the items or bundle up different items. 


What attracted me the most to this subscription service is the packaging, the box in which the items come. Its a hardboard pink and white stripey box with an illustration of a woman carrying shopping bags pasted at the top. The box looks very chic and stylish from afar but it lacks finishing and neatness. The packaging needs some work in terms of finishing. I see some bubbles where there is pasting involved and also the illustration pasted on the top is usually bigger than the box itself with corners sticking out. 

The box reminds me of ST Effects Box by Sarah with the only difference that ST Box has a drawer like pull out mechanism and Style me has top open one. 

Style Me Box for April
When you open the box there are a few pamphlets, the one for April had one for Organic Valley. I am not sure how the pamphlet thing works for Style Me Box but I believe if they en cash the idea, it can generate more bucks for them like advertising for other brands and earning out of it as well. Maybe this one was a favor to a friend who runs Organic Valley or another venture of Style Me Box but this can be en cashed as well, charging nominal fee for paper advertising for other brands.  

Next is another flyer which explains what inspired Style Me Box team to bring together the items in the subscription box and on the back of the flyer each item is mentioned along with its price. 

April Style Me Box

Items of April Style Me Box

Elf Lipstick, Boots coconut body scrub, marshmallows, statement necklace with matching ear studs

Boots extracts luxurious coconut scrub 

Pastel colored statement necklace with matching ear studs 

Elf Lipstick in Scandal

Elf nail polish

My View:

Coming to my take on this subscription service, I would applaud them on their professionalism, the way they have come up with a very eye catching website, proper ordering procedure, cash on delivery service and the way they are managing their Facebook page. I believe the way you portray your brand and your services help you go a long way and this is exactly what Style Me Box is doing. Their methodology is really good however I feel somewhere the items are a little exaggerated. I would label the service as a drug store service. If I am looking to try out drug store items I would opt for Style Me Box.

I love how they have blended the makeup and jewllery together and come up with the subscription service and how they tell you each time what inspired them to bring together these items. What puts me off from it is the quality of items and the prices mentioned against them. The chunky cluster bubble necklace according to them has been priced at Rs. 3200, I mean come on, really? Rs. 3200 for that necklace!!! (We all shop online, we are aware of the prices). Then the Elf lipstick is priced at Rs. 1000, YES, Rs. 1000, something that is being sold for no more than Rs. 450 to 650. They have amounted the total items to be worth Rs. 6,250 which is too steep, any regular shopper can blindly point it out. At the end it tells me that I am saving Rs. 3,560 which kind makes me feel like a foolish dope. 


If I am asked whether I would opt for this service again or not, I would say that I would try it out once or twice more before coming to a conclusion. The first box did put me off not because of the items but because of the calculations they have mentioned. But yes, I would order it again as I do not want to pass a judgement right now. 

I would suggest opting for this box if you want a blend of quality jewllery items and drugstore makeup. The box is most apt for teenagers, college/university going girls and ideal for gifting girls this age in my opinion but for someone who has come a long way and knows about makeup, this may fall short. maybe introducing further categories may prove fruitful.

Hope you liked my honest review. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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