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Hi Beautiful,

As one my lovely fellow blogger titled me "Guru of Subscription boxes", I present to you my second Style Me Box which I promised to review in my last Style Me Box post. This one is May subscription box and I skipped ordering for June. Scroll down to read my review. 

Style Me Box (May)

Like I mentioned, I liked how Style Me Box comes with a pamphlet telling what inspired them to put together the products they are sending and the month of May was inspired by liveliness, lazy afternoons, peaches and trending looks. I guess only the idea generator can tell the connection between the items and these inspirational thoughts. But nonetheless I liked this box better than the previous month. 

The May box came with 5 items; two nail colors, a body wash, Elf eye shadow quad, twist rope statement necklace and collar broaches. 

Garden Collection Rose Body Wash

Twist Rope statement necklace

Elf eye shadow quad in Butternut

Leaf collar pin broach

Finger Tips nail polish set
My Experience:

Like I believe, the idea behind subscription services is getting to try new products and the element of surprise, not knowing what you are going to get. It may or may not be of your choice and it may suit you or not suit you or the product might be totally irrelevant for you. This is subscription service in a nutshell. 

One thing to keep in mind is, there are tons of subscription services and you need to figure out which one suits your taste. I have tried most of the local ones and there are some I like and some I totally dismissed. Sadly Style Me Box falls into the latter category for me. This month's products were way better than the last time in my opinion and this statement is totally biased as I am talking from my personal likeness/dis likeness. What I liked about this month's box is the variety, it contained a shower item, a nail color, 2 jewellery items as usual and also an eye makeup product. What I did not like is how everything is simply drugstore with little or more unknown brands. 

The second turn off for me is the mention of over quoted prices, I mean come on we all know elf quad does not sell for Rs. 850 and those deluxe nail colors for Rs. 560, Really? Yes I will admit, the items are worth Rs. 2700 that I payed and may amount to a bit more or less even, but them amounting to Rs. 6440 is an absurd notion to me. 

Like I mentioned the last time, this subscription service is more suitable for college, university going girls, more like girls who are beginning to explore makeup and accessories. When I mention or hear Style Me Box, the image of a mommy getting a box for her daughter pops into my mind. I am sure I wont be ordering the subscription box anytime soon again. 

What I am really interested in is finding out if anyone has opted for the three month or bi annual and annual plans? I want to know what items come in those boxes? Pretty much similar brand and products or do they get an upgrade? If anyone of you has tried it, do let me know. 

I hope you liked my quick review on Style Me Box. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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