|WTF|: Boots Extracts Luxurious Coconut Scrub

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Hi Lovelies!

When I received my first Style Me Box, I was very excited to try its products and what better than to try the one skin care item. I used the Boots extract range coconut body scrub the very next day. How it went for me? Read my review to find out more about it. 

Boots Extracts Luxurious Coconut Scrub

Boots extracts luxurious coconut body scrub comes in a 75 ml tube packaging which is travel friendly and would fit easily in your handbag or travel bag. Its a sturdy tube and wont leak. The tube is made of transparent plastic so you can see the actual product inside. Its a pop lid tube which gives control over the usage. 

Boots extracts luxurious coconut scrub - back

Boots extracts luxurious coconut scrub - lid

The Boots extracts range is developed to make a difference. The idea is pretty much the same as The Body Shop's. Boots is getting products via Fair trade like the Body Shop and the proceeds go to the source. The Shea Butter extract used in this scrub is from West Africa and the proceeds help the communities thrive. 

Color & Texture:

The scrub is beige brown in color. The creamy part is beige while the exfoliating particles are brown. The texture of the scrub is very creamy. In fact its so creamy, one can not pass it for a scrub. The exfoliating particles are a dud. They are not abrasive at all.

Boots Extracts Luxurious Coconut Scrub - swatch


Like I mentioned above, the scrub is quite creamy, it also has a thin consistency. It feels more like cream application over the skin rather than a scrub. With slight rubbing it absorbs into the skin like any other moisturizer. 

My Experience:

Without any further ado, I am simply going to mention it straight, this product is a dud. Its completely useless and a waste. Its not a scrub at all, its more of a moisturizer. One requires ample amount of product to cover the whole body area. It doesn't lather neither it has a thick consistency which would make it expand or thin it out upon contact with water. It just spreads like a moisturizing cream and does nothing a scrub is supposed to do. I used 70% of the product in one use only. The remaining I used in my second wash and off it went into the waste bin. Why I used it again if I hated it that much? Well, I did not want to waste it. 

The only good points about this scrub are; firstly, the fragrance is amazing. It smells strongly of Shea butter and mildly of coconut. Secondly, its a good moisturizer for the skin. Apart from these two things, I can not come up with any good thing to say about this scrub. It was a sheer disappointment. 

The good thing is, I did not purchase this scrub on my own. It came in my first Style Me Box. If you have read my reviews on this particular subscription service, then you would know how justified I feel being this product a dud. Neither I am opting for the subscription service again and nor the scrub. Thank you very much!






A big no. If you ever plan on buying it, please don't. 

I know this is a pretty harsh review but some products that look amazing in the first look disappoint you so bad and you are left to pick up the pieces of your heart afterwards. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Did anyone else also receive this scrub in their Style Me Box for April? Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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