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Hi Ladies!

This is one super late review. I got the chance to try OFRA's Banana Powder and I have been using it for months now. OFRA has been making big waves in the beauty industry and I am amazed to see the variety they have got and also the shade variety in each of their products. Lets start with the review on this baby. 

OFRA Banana Powder

OFRA Banana Powder comes in a small black cardboard cut out box. One can see the product inside from the top. The container is made of cheap plastic and isn't very eye catching. For the price they are charging like $15 for a 4gms product, they can surely work on improving the packaging. Its very light weight and I fear it can break any moment. Surprisingly when it fell out of my hands, neither the packaging broke nor the powder itself shattered which impressed me greatly since I am in some phase these days where I am just dropping makeup items like a clumsy person. The transparent lid has company name on it which erases off with the slightest abrasion, like carrying it in your handbag. Its prone to scratches which makes the product look really tacky. 

OFRA Banana Powder

OFRA presses banana powder

Here is what OFRA has to say about its banana powder:

"OFRA's pressed banana powder is an innovative new product that can be used as an all in one face powder. With a light scent, this pressed matte powder is versatile and can be used to:

  • Conceal dark circles underneath eyes
  • Set concealer
  • Highlight underneath eyes, the brow bone, the bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin
  • Complete your look as a luxury finishing powder
  • Act as a light matte eye shadow shade"
Well that is a pretty long list if you ask me. 

OFRA pressed banana powder - the bottom

Sorry for the dirty rims but I have been using this powder non stop as I loved it so much. Its a very small sized pan but a little goes a long way. I love how finely the powder is milled and strongly pressed into the pan, it allows next to zero fall outs. I use Elf powder brush for its application as the brush head fits like a charm and picks good amount of the product.

OFRA pressed banana powder - inside

I like how it comes with a tiny mirror at the bottom but would have appreciated even more if they had added an applicator brush as well just to add more oomph to the product. Not that these applicators are any useful in product application but hey they help a lot in SOS situations when you are moving around light and do not have your special powder application brush. 

OFRA pressed banana powder - mirror at the bottom console
OFRA banana powder swatch

OFRA banana powder swatch

My Thoughts:

OFRA Banana powder is considered to be a dupe for Ben Nye Banana powder. Kim Kardashian created a huge hype for the banana powder when she showed how she highlights her face using it. I personally haven't given much of thought using it as a highlighter but it works great for me as a setting powder. I apply it all over my face and it works like a charm balancing my uneven skin tone. So basically its a color corrector for me. I have read reviews people using it as a highlighter for their T zone or using it under their eyes to balance the under eye dark circles as a concealer. I say whatever works for you go for it.

I have Ben Nye banana powder as well. I wouldn't actually call them both similar products because, one, Ben Nye comes in a loose powder form and is much difficult to handle in my opinion while OFRA is finely milled and pressed in a pan with zero fall outs and easier to use. Second, Ben Nye is a darker yellow while OFRA is a brighter and cool yellow. Also I do not believe that OFRA powder would work for all skin tones. I mean it may not go very well with darker skin tones, it would have to be mixed with other concealers to come up with desired results. 

For me it shortfalls at one front only. I do not find it very mattifying. I get that it isn't exactly a setting powder but still it would have been better if it had mattifying results. I can feel my skin getting greasy in the hot and humid weather of Lahore after a few hours. 

Overall I am in love with this product, I feel it works like a charm in brightening my face and giving me a balanced skin tone. 







The good part is you can get the godet alone for $12 to fill out the pot in case you do not want to buy a new one. But considering the quality of packaging, saving $3 isn't much of a win win situation in my opinion. 


Makeup4U are the official retailers of OFRA in Pakistan. I got mine from them as well. They are offering the best prices on OFRA products and also huge discounts. 

Also they are holding an exhibition on August 20th in lahore, Cafe X2. I suggest everyone reading my post to be there to get a change to shop amazing products at competitive prices. 

If you liked my review, drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Your comments make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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