14 Days Physiogel Challenge - Week 2

10:40 PM

Hi Ladies!

As you all know I am participating in the 14 days challenge by Physiogel, the 14 days are over and I am to reveal the final results of usage. I am very excited about today's post because I have happy things to share. Please keep reading the post till the end, especially those who are concerned about their large pores size or have open pores. Trust me you won't be disappointed.

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I have been using 4 products by Physiogel in my daily skin care regimen and to be honest they have done wonders for my skin. I was not expecting much but I am pleasantly surprised with the performance. I have already mentioned all the details of usage and benefits in my Week 1 post hence I will cut today's review real short and remain to the point. I will spare you the redundant details which you can read by clicking on this link and only post today the results of week 2.

Left - Before Physiogel, Middle - End of week 1, Right - End of week 2
So time to share the results. You can see my face before using physiogel, see how tan, dull, lifeless and porous my skin is. After 1 week of using Physiogel products my complexion improved, my skin became more plump and hydrated and it became glowy. I was much pleased with the results I was able to achieve the first week. By the end of Week 2, I am amazed to see how my pores have shrunk. Though there hasn't been any further improvement in terms of complexion or much else but I definitely see that my pores have shrunk obviously. I have slightly open pores around my cheek area and my T zone is oily as well. Its a real struggle to maintain a balanced skin when you have dry and oily skin at the same time. Physiogel has helped me in maintaining a healthy, hydrated and plump skin. I feel my skin is more alive and breathing. 


My 14 days challenge has come to an end but I shall not stop using physiogel products. They are now my favorite products for everyday use and have become a part of my regimen. They have tremendously helped my skin repair and revive itself. The results are right in front of your eyes in the above unaltered pictures. I ask you to enlarge and zoom in the pictures to see the difference yourself. A picture speaks a thousand words which is true in this case. The difference is remarkable. 

I absolutely recommend Physiogel to all those who have sensitive and troubled skin and are looking for chemical free skin friendly effective products. Physiogel is your solution!!

I hope you liked my post. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!! 

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