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Hi Lovely Ladies!

There is a condition when a person is in love, then there is a condition when a person is totally smitten. I am Smitten. Yes, I am smitten by this new subscription service. What? Why? Read my post to find out more about my latest love.

Glowy box Subscription Service January 2017
In January I discovered Glowy Box, another new subscription service in Pakistan. Like always, I immediately placed an order as the Facebook page looked really good, the website looked professional enough and the reviews were pretty decent as well. I was so excited about my box and anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

About the Brand:

"Glowybox is a custom-made box of 5 luxury cosmetic and wellness products hand-picked by our beauty experts and mailed directly to your door. No matter which subscription plan you choose, from once a month to just once. This box is the perfect present from you to you."

January Glowy Box
Initial Thoughts:

The box arrived within a few days of placing the order in a TCS plastic bag. I opened the bag to reveal a suede black string pouch with "Glowy Box" pasted over it. As soon as I took the box out of the pouch, I was completely blown away with the quality and the design. It reminded me of Birchbox and Boxycharm. Trust me the quality, design and finishing of the box is exceptional. The box was pale pink with Glowy Box logo and view of city printed on it. The box opens up by lifting the upper lid. The box is quite sturdy and reusable. i have already given away the box with a nice gift wrapped inside it. The box is going to serve multiple purposes. As much as it served as a gift box for me it can also be used to place jewellery items and other paraphernalia. 

The inside of the box was no less exceptional. I was super impressed with the way it was packed and wrapped. There is a butter paper laid inside the box with Glowy Box logo printed all over it and is sealed with a Glowy Box logo sticker. A nice welcome message printed over a glossy photo paper awaits the subscriber to make her feel more welcome and pampered. 

Upon opening the sticker, I was further impressed with the presentation. Lying atop the pink confetti, matching the color of the box were my 6 surprise goodies. I was happy to see drug store and 1 high end brand item in my Glowy Box. 

January Glowy Box items

L'occitane body lotion, Earth therapeutics tea tree oil cooling foot scrub, Nyx soft matte lip cream, Ulta 2 in 1 mascara, Tints & Sass lip and cheek tint, L'occitane divine cream sachet

L'occitane body lotion
I have been wishing to try L'occitane products as I have been seeing their sets posted on Sheops which looked really appealing by the way. I am glad I have my wish granted by Glowy Box via this lait corporel body lotion which contains 3 essential oils. I am looking forward to testing it out. Its a small travel sized bottle with 35 ml content. The bottle is very cute and spunky. 

Earth Therapeutics tea tree oil cooling foot scrub
Next is the tea tree foot scrub by Earth therapeutics. Its a 50 ml squeeze tube and looks quite promising. 

Ulta twice as nice mascara
Here is another interesting product, twice as nice mascara by Ulta. Its a mascara duo, one is white mascara primer to build volume over lashes and the black one is the final mascara coating to finish off the look. 

Nyx soft matte lip cream (small size), Tints & Sass lip and cheek stain

L'occitane divine cream sachet
I had trouble finding prices of most items, because most of them are either travel sized or samples making it difficult to determine the exact price. Earth therapeutics tea tree oil cooling foot scrub is priced $2 at Ulta, Tints & Sass lip and cheek stain price can not be determined as its a sample and not available for sale. The sample is a 3 grams pack while the full size comes in 10 grams priced at $15.00 at Amazon. L'occitane divine cream is a sachet, again no price determination. Nyx SMLC is .158 fl.oz mini compared to the full size and was launched as a holiday set containing 36 mini SMLCs. Price working determines its price to be $3.51. Ulta twice as nice mascara was a piece of work to determine the price as its out of stock from Ulta and everywhere else also. It retailed at $12 and went on sale at $5. I am unable to ascertain the price for L'occitane lait corporel body lotion 35 ml size as it comes within a set and I am unable to find its price. 

There are 4 subscription options available at GlowyBox website.
  • 1 month subscription (Rs. 3000)
  • 3 months subscription (Rs. 8400)
  • 6 months subscription (Rs. 15,600)
  • 12 months subscription (Rs. 28,800)

I am not sure at the moment if there is any difference of products between the subscription plans. I mean other than saving money by applying collectively for months, are there any extra products? I am not sure really. I hope not. I do not want to miss out on anything. The box reviewed above is purchased via 1 month subscription plan and costs Rs. 3000 inclusive of shipping charges. 


Overall I am very pleased with Glowy Box and it has become my instant favorite and number 1 choice for sub service in Pakistan. Its the presentation, the products, in fact the whole package that has won my heart. If you have been waiting out for trying on a sub service and holding back just because you were not sure what you are going to get and if it will be worth the money or no, then Glowy Box is the one you have been waiting for. 

You can keep yourself updated on latest news by Glowy Box by following them on Facebook. They are also active on Instagram or subscribe to them on their website. I hope you liked my review of Glowy Box. Drop in your comments to share your feedback with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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