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Hi Ladies!

It seems the modern trend these days is, to get stuff from Ali Express and start selling it on exorbitant prices. Use the word "Imported" with your products and Boom! your sales are rocket high. Customer Services? What are those? Never heard of them, ever! Undeliberately it seems, it has become my mission number 1 to highlight my ridiculous shopping experiences, probably to vent and also to make others aware of what is going on around us, and how cautious we need to be. I understand that Pakistan is still a growing baby in the world of E-Commerce but now that we are in the booming stage, business ethics are not supposed to be a foreign concept, rather something (a behavior) ingrained. Let me narrate an interesting shopping experience of mine from a emerging online store which even got featured on Mangobaaz. Oh, did I mention another trend? Send a few things to digital media people like influencers and kaboom! good reviews enforced. 

My Red Box from Hebe
My last online lingerie purchase was from Pretty Little Things which went smoothly. My good experience probably got to my head and led me to believe the same from Hebe. Hebe is a new emerging brand in online lingerie stores with their attractive designs that are a novelty in Pakistan. I was tempted to buy a bra set and placed an order with them. The owner "Tooba Khan" posts from her personal profile on Sheops and thats where I came to learn of Hebe. I initiated conversation with Tooba on her personal profile and inquired about the availability of the particular bra set in my size and was told, its available. Next, I asked for a few more pictures since I wanted to see the cups from inside as well. I had to ask a couple of times to get the pictures though. After that, the whole process went quite smoothly and I was kept in loop at every stage and even received the pictures of the parcel before dispatch and the tracking number. 

Bra set nicely wrapped
I received the package very next day and it was very nicely wrapped. Best part being, it came in TCS Red Box so the package was safe with no bends in the cups or wire. But now is when the real problem began. As soon as I unwrapped my package, just by one glimpse I could tell that the size was wrong and it kind of deflated my excitement. When I looked at the size tag, it pretty much confirmed what I was dreading. It was not my size. I still put it on to check and confirm and I was right yet again, It was a size too big on me in every way. I packed the set back just the way it had arrived and contacted Tooba. I told her that she has sent me the wrong size, to which her response was that she has sent me the correct size. Its only that these are imported hence the size tags are different, according to their zone's size chart. 

Her response totally put me off. I absolutely hate it when these businesses try to imply that we, buyers are fools who live in the caves and know nothing of the world while these sellers perch themselves on their high horses and look down upon us through their noses. Just to make a sale, its totally acceptable for sellers to lie. She knowingly sent the wrong size and then wasn't admitting as well. I, then had to send her an international bra measurement chart to tell her how the international/imported bra sizes are. Its basic knowledge that with 36 the panties are sized Large while with 34 they come in size Medium. 

Silk floral underwired lightly padded bra set

Size clearly mentioned on the size tag

Size clearly mentioned on the underwear
Good thing is she decided to exchange the set for another one but the problem was, same was not available in my size. I agreed upon another design which was priced less and informed her. She asked me to send back the bra set which I did, paying the delivery charges out of my own pocket for a mistake which she willingly committed to make quick bucks. I wonder if something done knowingly is supposed to be classified as a mistake or not. When the parcel reached her, I was informed that my size is again not available in the bra set I chose so the only other option left was a refund. Here I would like to mention that all other bra sets were priced lower than what I had paid originally and I don't know if the remaining amount would have had again be adjusted in the name of "delivery charges" because obviously she never sent me the wrong size knowingly, I am the silly one. Thankfully she refunded me my Rs. 2500 which was originally the cost of the bra inclusive of the delivery charges. I am expected to be a happy bunny coz hey who gets a refund even, it isn't my right as a customer. I, as a customer have no rights and also know nothing of the world.  

In the end I want to make a few points:

1. The bra was priced at Rs. 2500. Since they don't offer Cash on Delivery, I had to make a bank transfer. So Rs. 2500 plus Rs. 200 bank charges and Rs. 280 returning charges plus the fuel cost, time cost actually cost me Rs. 2980 and above. 

2. I am supposed to be glad that I got my refund of Rs. 2500 back considering the fact that the seller knowingly sent the wrong size. How is this even justified? Why do these home based online stores start crying about their costs. If they are a "Business" then they are supposed to act like one and offer good customer support to win customers. After this experience would I even consider buying from her again? No. Would I recommend someone buying from her? No.

P.S: Guess what? I ordered the same bra set in my size from Ali Express and it cost me $ 6.41 dollars only. FTW!!!

I hope you would support my honest and harsh review. Just be careful while purchasing online. Anything that involves tricky measurements is a risk purchasing online especially shoes and bras. Choose your seller wisely. Look for the signs, like this one never asked me for my measurements. When I bought lingerie from Pretty Little Things, the woman asked me hundred questions about my underwear size, bra size, my actual hip and bra measurements. She knew what she was doing. My warning bells should have rung with Hebe when she did not bother asking any such question. Anyhow, another lesson learnt the hard way. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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