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Hello Dearies!

Some of us learn lessons the hard way and I am someone who falls into the said category. I learn, once I have wasted tons of money. As much as I was going gaga over the previous Black Bag, I am equally disgruntled by the February one. Read my review to find out more about February's Black Bag and its contents. 

February Black Bag
I don't know if it was my suggestion or a thought of their own, but as I had mentioned in my previous post that adding a little confetti to the box would be a nice idea, I got crepe confetti in different colors inside my box. 

Black Bag - inner view

The box contained the following items:

  1. Aloe Ultra hydrating Essence Mask sheet (Less than a $ as they come in packs)
  2. Hard Candy nail color in shade sugar daddy ($4)
  3. Hard candy lip pencil in shade precious ($2.50/ $11.75 at Walmart)
  4. Manual override lip tastic in shade Nectar ($3.33)
  5. Love my eyes kohl kajal crayon in shade sea green ($1)

Items of February Black Bag

Aloe ultra hydrating mask sheet

Love my eyes kohl kajal soft crayon in #810, Sea Green

Manual override lip tastic in Nectar

Hard candy just nails nail color in #048, sugar daddy

Hard candy visibly wet shockingly glossy lip pencil in precious

As far as my knowledge of the Beauty industry goes, certain events are celebrated with zeal. February brings to us the Valentine's day which is celebrated globally with love. A lot of people follow the spirit of Valentine's day and go an extra mile. Maybe somewhere deep down I also was hoping for a semblance but was disappointed. The February box did not imply Valentine's celebration at all, I mean not even a Rs. 5 chocolate? Anyhow, I won't call it a bad thing, its just that Black bag is maybe strictly business, which is acceptable and respect worthy. What actually brought on the disappointed were the items I got this month, Super duper disappointing! All items are cheap buys off Amazon or Ebay. I spent a good amount of time googling them but was only able to spot them on Ebay or Amazon. I am not against getting items from these websites as a lot of good brands have presence there, its just that there was not a single high end brand item this time and the items did not justify the price. I am all up for exploring new brands and trying them but the subscription service is supposed to make sense of the product combination its placing in the bag. This month it made no sense to me, I felt the items were randomly thrown into the bag, whatever came in hand at that time, paying zero attention to the fact that how repetitive the products look. There are 2 items of the same brand albeit different products but the same brand. Also the retail of the items amounts to less than the sub service amount making it not worth the purchase. 

Black Bag seriously needs to work more on its service. I can fathom the monetary loss but what upsets me the most is poor customer services. After receiving the items and calculating their prices, I came to the conclusion that February Black bag is a let down this month. I tried reaching out to them by calling on the number where this lady from Black Bag calls me each month asking me if I would like to place an order for the current month's Black Bag,no one picked up the calls. I kept calling for over a week at various times of the day in the hopes that someone might respond. In between the calls I also dropped an inbox message on their Facebook page but didn't get a response from there either. My conclusion, Black bag has zero customer services. After landing these cheap ass products they simply brushed off their hands. In times of this modern era, I guess I should probably be sending a pigeon along with a message tied to its feet to get my message across to them. Irony is, I see the Black Bag owner posting her selfies on Instagram. Probably I should have reached out to them there as well. Also I wonder how they are maintaining their record. The last time I received a call from them, the woman over the phone asked me what products I had received previously as there had been another case where she sent the same product to someone in the following month as well and the customer had complaint. One, I wonder what modes that customer had used to get her complain recorded and also don't these people keep track of what they are sending to whom? Probably not, coz otherwise the woman wouldn't have asked me. 

Sadly I am not done yet. I have more to report. As I mentioned in my previous Black Bag post that I find the Rs. 300 delivery charges ridiculous for in city delivery, I am appalled at the brazen behavior of the rider this time. He shamelessly asked me to pay Rs. 400 as delivery charges. Who in their right mind would pay Rs. 400 for a Rs. 2000 service? When I told him straight faced that I am aware the delivery charges are Rs. 300, the rider warned me, if I want my next month's bag I will have to pay Rs. 400 or I can take the high way next time. Seriously, no one else faced this issue? No one complained? Oh wait, how could anyone have had? They don't respond. Silly me!

Anyhow this is it for my rant over February's Black Bag. I am so not opting for this sub service again unless they change my products or compensate me in any other way. Its a Bye Bye from my side. I leave it upto you guys to decide whether to opt for it or not as I really liked their January's Bag. Now I am no longer sure that getting good products was merely a mistake on their part, purely my luck or did they really mean to send them to me. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!

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