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Hello Beautiful!  

Moving forward to April's Glowybox, I was much pleased to receive this one. Two products were the highlight of the box for me. Which ones were these? To find this out, read my post further.

Glowybox April 2017
April Gowybox 2017
I liked how in this month they customized the boxes with each individual's names. Before this, it was always addressed as Hey Beautiful or Dear Beautiful, but this time around it came with my name and that added a personal touch to the box.

April Glowbox 2017 Greeting card

I really liked this month's products. I got to Ciate nail color and Smashbox lipstick along with Victoria's Secret lip gloss, a Pocketbac hand sanitizer and AOA brush cleaning egg. 

April 2017 Glowybox items
Glowybox April 2017 items
1. AOA Studio Brush cleaning Egg

Brush cleaning tools are now available in a wide range. You will fimd them ranging from mats to tray to egg shaped. I received an egg shaped brushing cleaning tool by AOA Studio. Its silicone made and similar to what I ordered from Ali Express for a dollar I guess. The tool comes nicely packed in a plastic wrap with step by step usage instructions. The egg shaped tool is the quickest and cheapest tool to clean your brushes and even beauty blenders. Its tiny and doesnt occupy space much which makes it perfect to carry with you on the go. 

AOA Brush Cleaning egg
AOA Brush cleaning egg usage instructions
AOA Studio brush cleaning egg - back
AOA Studio Brush cleaning egg - front
2. Ciate Nail color

Finally, my first ever Ciate product! Its been ages that I have watched Ciate products online but did not own any. The highlight of April box for me was getting Ciate and Smashbox. The nail color is in deluxe sized packaging but still contains a good amount of product. I absolutely adore its packging. It has to be the nicest sparkly cardboard box for a nail polish with all the sparkling stars. 

Ciate Nail color in # 21
Ciate nail color in # 21
Ciate nail color in # 21
3. Pocketbac anti bacterial hand gel in frosted cranberry

You can never go wrong with a hand sanitizer. I received a PocketBac hand sanitizer in frosted cranberry which is another useful product to add in your stash.  

Pocketbac anti bacterial hand gel in frosted cranberry
4. Smashbox deluxe sized lipstick in shade Milky way

I was beyond excited to try this lipstick by Smashbox. The best part about it is the color. "Milky way" is such an amazing nude shade that has a tinge of orange undertone. I had not had the pleasure of trying a Smashbox lipstick before but now I can say, if you ever have the option of buying Smashbox matte lipatick, dont think, just get it. You wont regret seriously. The shade, pigmentation and color pay off plus the ease with which it glides on to the lips is astounding. Im literally sold over this lipstick. Though its deluxe sized but it can easily last upto 10 uses or even more in my opinion. 

Smashbox deluxe sized lipstick
Smashbox deluxe sized lipstick in Milky way
5. Victoria's Secret sheer gloss

Although I am no longer a lip gloss fan but it doesn't hurt to receive one from Victoria's Secret. Its a pale pink shade with a fruity smell.  

Victoria's Secret sheer lip gloss in Victoria
Victoria's Secret sheer lip gloss in Victoria
So these were the contents of my April Glowybox. For Rs. 3000 the items are definitely worth more which is what I really loved about this month's box. I am super glad about Smashbox lipstick. Glowybox provided me the chance to try on this amazing color and also to mention Ciate nail color, for the first time. Have you ever subscribed to Glowybox? How has been your experience? I would love to hear about your experience with Glowybox. Comment below this post or comment on my Facebook page, wherever you feel comfortable but do share your views with me. Your comments ake my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. xoxo!!!   

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