Medora Nail Color in 213

10:29 AM

Hi Beauties!

Welcome back after Eid ul Fitr. Hope you all  had a lovely and blessed eid. My today's post is about nail color. I am sure all Pakistani girls are familiar with the brand name Medora of London. It is a local brand that has been exisiting before I can even remember. They are most commonly known by their nail polishes and lipsticks and can easily be found in any departmental and cosmetic store. I purchased this nail color probably a year back and really like the choclate brown color.

Medora of London nail colors come in three different bottles in three different sizes. This bottle contains 9 ml of the content and was of Rs. 30 when I purchased it. I am not sure it the prices have been raised now or not.

The above picture has been taken in natural light and depicts the true color of the nail lacquer. Its a lovely chocolate brown shade and I like it alot. The number of this nail color is 213.  1f you enlarge the image by clicking on it you will notice the application is a little rough with gooey smudges. That is because the nail polish has gone thick with the passage of time as it is a year old. So what I did was I poured 10 drops of nail polish remover and shaked it really well which brought the nail color very much to its original condition.

Hope you like th nail color as much as I do. Comment and let me know whether you like it or not. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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