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Hi Beauties!

Finally the much awaited post about thing is here. For those who have no clue as to what a thong is let me describe it first. Thong is a sort of an underwear which is massively worn by ladies globally and ususally covers the pubic area only. Its a much smaller version of an underwear.

See? Its a barely there underwear. Now the question is as to why women prefer thongs when they can wear the conventional underwears that cover more surface area? Well if you ask me, if would say its just a matter of personal choice. I normally wear the conventional underwears for everyday use but sometimes I feel like wearing a thong for no apparent reason and I wear it for style and variety. Another reason could be for enticing purposes. But since bare butt is hardly a trend here in Pakistan so this may not be the purpose here however, ladies can wear them to entice their man ;) *wink wink*

Thong though is not for every lady. If you prefer comfort them this may not be the product for you. But it doesnot mean that its very uncomfortable. Those who are habitual of wearing thongs hardly feel any difference. The rear string which sticks into the butt line may be a cause of uncomfort for a few but once you get into the habit of wearing it, you will hardly notice it being there ;) I would narrate a memory from my childhood here though its very embarassing to admit :p When I was a kid I used to feel so uncomfortable wearing underwears as they used to stick into the butt line and taking your hand to the rear and pulling it out was such an awkwardness I used to feel heck uncomfortable but then the unavoidable tragedy of life happened I got my puberty and am stuck with wearing underwears ever since but now I wear them happily and unnoticbly. Now I feel nude if I am not wearing one 0_o So if you are a current version of my childhood then I would not recommend you wearing thongs.

The rear of the thong is quite thin as you can see in the picture above. It stays between the butt line and keeps the buttocks apart.

The inner view of the thong shows a double layered fabric. This fabric usually comes under the pubic area. The whole thong I am guessing is made of 95% polyester and just 5% cotton ant its very elastic and stretchable. Its a free size thong so I think it will accomodate small, medium and large sizes. Not sure about the extra large size though. The leopard print is what attracted me to this thong. I am so into polkas, stripes, zebras and leopards when it somes to undergarments and lingerie. This is not a brand new thong I have worn it a couple of times before so do not worry it is not as delicate as it looks its quite sturdy and may last you long enough.   

I purchased mine from Tesoro accessories Xinhua Mall. I do not exactly recall the price but I think it was less than Rs. 500 for sure. I hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and tell me your views about my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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