Nail Art Stamping II

3:25 PM

Hi Beauties!

Its been a long time that I have not done any post on nails. So here in one for you. I took a break from applying nail colors so that my nails could breathe and become pink again. So two days back I did some nail art with the new stapming plate that I recently bought from JMC.

This is an XL stamping plate that has I guess 42 different stamping designs. As a complimentary gift I got nail tips. The nail tips are of 3 different styles. These are really helpful for doing a neat and tidy French tips application.Thanks to JMC for sending me this complimentary gift.  

This is a full view of the plate. You can click on the image to view it larger and see the designs clearly.


Lower half designs of the plate

Upper half designs of the plate

I also did a look with the new plate ;) and by the way do not forget to remove the blue plastic covering over the plate before using it. My most favorite part is removing the cover and seeing my reflection in the plate. I knw its very childish :p


I used Medora nail color for the base and black stamping nail art color for the design.

Here is the final look. I know its not perfect. But what, I am still trying :p

Above, I have circled the design I stamped on my nails. Though it looks completely different on my nails due to my bad application. But seriously this is the one!

I hope you liked my new nail plate. You can buy it from JMC Nail Art Islamabad for Rs 1450 I think.... Check out her Facebook page she has so many other amazing designs as well and that too in stock. So order before she runs out of stock. Hope you liked my post. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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