Palladio Lipstick in Paris Pink

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Hi Beauties!

I am so obsessed with lipsticks these days. Wherever I see a good lipstick I just grab it. My lipstick box is out of space and I now have to get a bigger box to store them :x Anyhow a new addition to my collection is my very first Palladio lipstick in Paris Pink. Read further to discover my new beauty product :)

For the first time I took time to take a look at Palladio lipsticks. They have quite a variety of colors but as always I went for a nude shade. I wonder how many nude lipsticks I have accumulated till now 0_o


The color I purchased is Paris pink. The sales rep for her convenience has simply numbered it 57 though I see quite a long number printed over the shade. These lipsticks come in a silvered color packing and are quite sturdy. The butt of the lipstick is shaded to represent the lipstick shade.


Paris pink is a nice nude pink shade that has a beige undertone. The outlook of the color is quite pink but it does give a hint of nude brown color in the undertones. I wonder why the lipstick looks so orangy brown in the picture though its not like that :o


Here is how the color looks on my lips. Its a matte lipstick with a moisturizing effect.

This is my first encounter with Palladio lipsticks and I actually liked it. This lipstick is matte but has a creamy moisturizing finish. It glides on the lips and gives a very smooth finish. As for the lasting power of the lipstick it lasted good on me for upto 4 hours though it loses the shine and gloss but the color stays put on the lips. This lipstick actually reminds me of my Diana of London pure addiction lipstick which also has the same result. In case you want to read my review on Diana of London pure addiction lipstick click here. The only difference I felt between the two is of the smell. I did not much like the smell of Palladio lipstick though its not bad or anything but it just did not appeal to me.

Overall I would rate this lipstick 4/5 and would recommend you giving it a try if you have never tried Palladio lipsticks before. Its priced at Rs. 620 and I purchased it from Palladio counter at Shoppe Liberty Market. Hope you liked my review. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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