My recent bits and bobs from Haroon's

11:17 AM

Hi Beauties!

Here are a few things I got for myself from Haroon's recently.

I love these cutsie hair pins. These are small in size and have pink heart shaped stone studded in the middle while small white pearls surround it. Its priced at Rs. 525 a tad expensive I'd say in my opinion.

Next are these spring type pony bands. They are rubbery and elastic exactly like a spiral phone cord. The best feature about these is they expand when stetched and contract to regain their original size when removed, though it takes some time to return to their original state. They are priced at Rs. 20 each and are so comfortable and long lasting.  

These are ceramic earings in and available in a wide range of colors. I liked these in white. They are really small and very cute and best part is, they are priced at Rs. 75 only.

This glow ring is copper colored and is adjustable with bunny ears extending at the top. Pink transparent stone is studded in the ears. The only reason I purchsed this ring was that it resembled the Play boy logo and I find bunny ears real cute. The ring is priced at Rs. 325.

Pastel colored necklace for Rs. 595. Its a pretty long necklace and looks very pretty. Will show you pictures some day when I will wear it.

This cute long neckalce is also for Rs. 595.

Some small tin boxes to store my jewelery items. The Love more ones are for Rs. 90, red one for Rs. 95 and the round green one for Rs. 85 only. These are very light weight tin boxes and are very user friendly and travel friendly. I am using these to store my jewellery collection, it gets quite messy at times in my small drawer which has run out of space now.

These nice pink earings are priced at Rs. 125 only.

Next is something I really really like. its a tri colored bracelet that I wear almost every other day. Its made of metallic netting and is quite neat. The only drawback of this product is that the netting sometimes gets stuck in the clothes and pulls out the cloth thread.

Its priced at Rs. 295 which I would say is very economical for the style and quality. Some times its surprises me that how one finds excellent quality products at a very affordable price.

The best part about this bracelet is its convenience to wear. It has magnetic lock, you just bring the silver endings close to each other and zap they shut. Easy to wear and easy to remove. Its available in other color variations as well.

I hope you liked my little bits and peices. Drop in your comments and tell me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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