OMG: Lorys Hair Cream does wonders for my hair!

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Hi Beauties!

The Summers are over and Winter is here. The weather changed drastically with one rain here in Lahore. One of the gifts Winters has brought is dry skin and scalp. Hair feel so rough and dry as if all moisture has been sucked out of them. Now what to do with them? How to revive them? Read my review to find out!

Lorys hair cream in snake oil

Lorys hair cream in snake oil

The biggest problem with my hair is that they get really dry in Winters. They are like jute strands, feel so rough and flakey. I get really worried if something goes wrong with my hair and they getting lifeless makes me feel like pulling them all out in a hypertensive manner. But thats an old story now. Since the day I have started using Lorys hair cream I am not concerned with my scalp and hair dryness at all. Wanna know why? Read further!

Lorys hair cream in snake oil

Lorys hair cream comes in 1000gms plastic jar and is real heavy. It has a creamy texture but melts in hands. The smell is divine. I am not good at explaining smells but trust me when I say it smells really good. The tub is huge sized which means it can easily last you for about 3 months. Lorys hair creams comes in many variants, mine is in Snake Oil. You can find them in chocolate, Shea Butter, Fruit Cocktail and a few others. The variants have different colors like Snake oil one you see in the picture is light yellow, Shea Butter one is white and the chocolate one is of chocolate color.

Lorys hair cream in snake oil - swatch

The snake oil cream is enriched with special blend of silicon and especially developed to protect, restore and condition chemically treated hair. The special silicon blend in its formula helps to restore the hair, protecting it by forming a special film, increasing the flexibility, leaving the hair nourished, soft and with an intense brightness.

My Experience:

The first time I came to know of this product was when I saw my Salon girl using it on my hair. I liked the result of it on my hair. I decided to give it a try myself. So I purchased it for the first time from Victoria Departmental store for Rs. 380. I used it and the result was very obvious after the first wash only. After a few weeks use there was a noticeable difference in my hair. My hair felt smooth, shiny and frizz free and also very fragrant but in a non perfumey way. I use it as a conditioner for my hair. All I do is I shampoo my hair normally and after rinsing off the shampoo, apply a handful of this cream on my head and leave it for about 2 minutes, its creamy and also it lathers. Then, I wash my hair and my hair become real easy to comb, frizz free and very mangeable. The dry ends of my hair feel nourished and moisturised, they no longer feel dead and lifeless. Since its a huge tub so lasts long. I have so far used 3 of these tubs. 2 in snake oil and one of milk and protein one, 2 more I have gifted to my cousins who absoultely loved it after using.
I am rating it 5/5 since I have not found any cons for this product. I totally recommend everyone giving it a try. Its a well deserving product. I am sure it wont disappoint you. Find the one that is suitable for your hair type. You can join their Facebook Page. Its available in Lahore in all good departmental stores like Enem, Al Fatah, Raja Sahab, Victoria and Roop Singhar. For the amount and its quality its an excellent product, no doubt it made to my OH MY GOD (OMG) posts. Hope you liked my review. Has anyone of you tried this hair cream before? Did you like it? How was your experience? Share it with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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