OOTD: Black pink dress from Cynosure

6:52 PM

Hi Beauties!

Today I am featuring an OOTD post on my blog after a very long time. I am still experimenting with my tripod and light settings to snap good quality pictures but from these pictures I can see I have a long way to go yet. So what I wore to work today is something I purchased almost two years back from Cynosure, the most economical and stylish boutique for the teens and adults alike. This design has also been a top seller since I personally have seen so many people wearing it. In fact two of my acquaintances have the same dress. So lets continue further with the post. 

Its a long shirt, frock style with chooridar (skinnys). The front of the shirt has an embroided patch in pink with quite a lot of pleats spreading out from it. The border is also pink with a stripe of coral shade and in between a shiny gold strip sewn underneath in between the pink and coral strips. The golden fabric in the border is also known as Lappa in local language. 

The fabric is sheer lawn with floral block print in black. The sleeves of the shirt are completely made of careb  fabric which is very sheer and see through. The dupatta (stroll) is also of bright pink shade.

Sorry about the distorted design in the above picture. The fan was blowing the fabric and it moved when the camera captured the shot. 

Here is the closer view of the embroided patch at the front. Just above the patch is also a pink button for smoother wearing and taking off of the shirt. 

The sleeves have a border at the end made of the same block printed fabric.

Lastly the closer view of the border of the shirt.

I purchased this three piece suit for like Rs. 2500 to Rs. 2700. Do not exactly remember the price but it was between this range. I like Cynosure for its simple yet elegant designs and also because its very economical and affordable. I mean who gets 3 piece dress in this price range. After all these years with the presence of many high end boutiques, Cynosure still remains one of my favorite ready to wear shops and I always enjoy shopping from there not to mention the rush and crowd always present in their shop. 

Have you shopped from Cynosure? How has your experience been with them? Share your experiences with me. I love reading them. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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