OOTD: Brown kurta shirt from Limelight

10:07 PM

Hi Beauties!

Here is another OOTD which I am dedicating to a regular reader of mine. If it hadn't been for her I might not have made efforts to do any OOTD posts. She is the one who actually pushed me day after day to do OOTDs. So thanks you to her and thank you  to rest of my readers as well for making my OOTD so successful with all your lovely feedback. 

Today I am wearing a brown kurta shirt from Limelight and I absolutely love it not because of the style only but also because it gives a very chic look and is perfect to be worn at work. 

This is a single shirt piece priced at Rs. 1895 approximately I think, can't seem to recall the exact price but my hunch is its priced somewhere around this. I do not know what exactly its called but I'll try explaining, the shirt has strings of cloth stretched out all over the shirt, its quite visible in the picture. The shirt itself is stitched in 3 panels but since the panels are of same color its not visible in the picture. 

The neckline is collar styled with 5 wooden buttons sewn at the front. They do not open up, they are just for the style.

The hem of the shirt is V styled. Its pointy at the middle.

Here is a closer view of the front buttons.

Close up of the sleeves

This is the ring I am wearing on my left hand in the pictures above. I purchased it for Rs. 100 from Liberty from a salesman who sell on those wooden counters. The shoes are from Breakout purchased on sale. The black tides are of Rs. 250 purchased from Liberty hung on a stand. 

I hope you like my shirt and I definitely recommend you to try Limelight. Its an excellent clothing line with a wide variety of styles and very economical as well. Working women or ladies with toddlers who can't seem to find time to go and buy unstitched dresses and then visit tailors and explain them stitching style, this is the perfect solution for them, ready to wear shirts that too at a very affordable price. I hope you like my shirt. Do comment and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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