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Hi Beauties!

Its been quite long that I have not done any What The Fudge (WTF) post, its about time that one should be done! So I have a product today that literally makes you say WTF when used.
Look at the product, it looks good enough to catch your eye. The packing is of thick cardborad with a matte finish and has the brand logo in a shiney finish whick makes you think "the packing is good enough, the product must be great too" and when the product comes in a very economical price its hard to let it go, which is exactly what happened with me.

Femina Eye liner water proof

I went to a local departmental store, they have a reasonable size cosmetics section with quite alot of variety and since its close to my house as well so its quite handy to buy everyday use products. I was on the look out for an eye liner as my current one was about to end and Femina's eye liner caught my eye along with a few others. Since eyeliner is my most craved product (I never step out without applying one) so I thought what the heck just give this one a try. What was the experience like? Read further to find out!

Femina Eye liner water proof

Femina Eye liner water proof

Femina Eye liner water proof

Femina Eye liner is a liquid brush liner that comes in a plastic bottle with a reasonable amount of the product. The eye liner is priced at Rs. 150 which makes it a great catch along with the sturdy packing.

Femina Eye liner water proof

Here is a swatch of the eyeliner on my hand. Its black enough, infact quite black, no issues with the pigmentation. However it gives a shiney plasticy finish like the ones that are peel off. Scratch from one corner and you can peel off the whole of it in one stretch. However this is not the case with this eyeliner.
What one looks the most in any liner is its pigmentation and stay on pwer. I must say this eye liner has a stunning stay on power. Its stays so put that it will bamboozle you. How? See for youself...

Femina Eye liner water proof - swatch

When the swatch dried I tried rubbing it off with my hands but I failed. I tired scratching one corner so that I may remove it in one stretch but to no use at all.

Femina Eye liner water proof

Then the Einstein in me reminded me that I have an eye make up remover so why not use that to remove it! I tried my best to rub it off with an eye make up remover and the picture below shows how much it got removed. Now ladies, this is my hand, had it been my eyes this much rubbing would have surely popped out my eye balls. And yes I have applied it on my eyes as well and how I removed it is an entirely horrifying story. Although its halloween month and I must share it but for the time being I am just keeping those bad memories to myself :x

Femina Eye liner water proof

So you see Femina's claim of a super long lasting eye liner is actually true. But I would request Femina to come up with something that can take off this eye liner too as every other product fails to remove it. Moreover when its applied on eyes it kind of causes itchiness. As soon as it starts to dry off, it starts shrinking causing itchiness and irritation in the eyes. Lids feel as if they have been trapped somehow. They feel stretchy and itchy. I personally am not a fan of plasticy shiney eye liner finish, I prefer the matte ones so this product is definitely not for me. Finally I removed it from my hand with the help of a soap and some vigorous rubbing. After that I promised myself never to use Femina eye liner ever again and also to make sure that nobody uses it either :@
I rate it a 0/5 and recommend no one buying it at all. Although I can give it 1 mark for the pigmentation but the torture that follows to remove it makes me forget its pigmentation. Has anyone of you used Femina eyeliner? How has your experience been? Share it with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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