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Hi Beauties!

Ferrarucci is a German brand and before buying this product I had never heard of this company. Although I could not find much about the company over the internet but I sure did stumble upon some reviews by other bloggers so I concluded that its a known brand. I managed to get my hands on a lovely HD blush by Ferrarucci and lets see what I have to say about it. 

Ferrarucci HD Blush

Ferrarucci HD blush comes in a plastic pump bottle with the content of 12 ml. Its small in size making it travel friendly and easy to use.  

Ferrarucci HD Blush

I poured out this much quantity with a single pump spray.

Ferrarucci HD Blush - Swatch

Blending it over my hand you can see that its quite pigmented, in fact I would say it is overly pigmented. The color pay off is excellent. It gives out the true color as seen in the bottle. The shades do not come named rather they are numbered. The one I have is shade 01. 

Ferrarucci HD Blush - Blended 

Ferrarucci HD Blush - Blended

Ferrarucci HD Blush - Blended

The blush itself is matte containing no shine or shimmer which is good since I personally prefer matte blush ons with no shimmery particles. Its sort of dry which makes it a little hard to blend into the skin. It tends to stay put at one place and does not blend smoothly into the skin. I would not recommend it to girls with open pores since it may tend to settle into the pores making them more prominent and visible. It has a good lasting power since it does not budge or fade. It tends to stay good for 4 to 5 hours. 

I would highly suggest using a very very tiny amount of the product since its super pigmented and you may end up getting apple colored cheeks if used in more quantity, so be extra extra careful with this. Its a great blush but the only draw back I find in this one is that its hard to blend. I have tried using it a lip color as well. I pumped a small quantity and spread it on my lips with the help of a lip brush and it works absolutely fine as a lip product. You might want to use a transparent lip slogg over it since it is very dry and might make the lip lines more defined and visible. 

I rate is 3/5 and purchsed it from Victoria departmental store for Rs. 800. You may find it over priced but its a HD blush so the price is justified along with the quantity since its to be used in a very tiny quantity. 

Hope you liked my review. Drop in your comments and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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