|Review|: Oriflame nature Secrets Shampoo and Conditioner

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Hi Beauties!

Oriflame Nature secrets shampoo and conditioner

Lately I have gone through quite a lot of different hair products. After using the Pears shampoo and Framesi conditioners I switched to Oriflame. Lets find out how my experience has been with their new shampoo and conditioner.

Oriflame nature secrets shampoo
Oriflame nature secrets shampoo in wheat and coconut for dry and damaged hair has been launched a few months back only. I was reluctant to buy it at first, since coconut isn't very friendly with my hair. But nonetheless I wanted to try it since my colleague had good things to say about it. 

Oriflame nature secrets shampoo comes in a tall plastic bottle with 250 ml content and has a grassy green flip lid. I like the packaging and appearance of the bottle. Its sturdy but not travel friendly.

Oriflame nature secrets shampoo

The shampoo has a gel like appearance, as in, its not entirely transparent rather like a gel. However the consistency of the shampoo is not like a gel at all. Its a little runny. It does not lather very well which means using more quantity of the shampoo to remove hair oil or grime. 

Oriflame nature secrets shampoo

Next comes the conditioner. Its very much like the shampoo in terms of packaging and appearance. The only difference being that the conditioner is lided upside down. The shampoo bottle's lid is at the top facing upwards while the conditioner has the lid facing the bottom. The conditioner also comes in a 250 ml size. 

Oriflame nature secrets conditioner

Oriflame nature secrets conditioner

Oriflame nature secrets conditioner

The shampoo has a slight gel like appearance whereas the conditioner is purely white and has the consistency of a cream. Its really thick and dense. 

Oriflame nature secrets conditioner

Oriflame nature secrets conditioner

Coming to my experience of these products I'd say I liked them. The shampoo has a light hint of coconut fragrance which I liked. However I would have preferred it to be a little more strong so that it lasted long. I love soft and smooth hair that smell good. The thing which intrigued me to go for this shampoo besides it having coconut was the presence of wheat. I personally think wheat has very strong and beneficial properties. I am glad I opted for this shampoo. I can not say for sure that its the only reason my hair fall stopped but I can say it surely played some part in reducing my hair fall problem. Since my scalp is dry, this shampoo is good for dry hair. It works quite well by hydrating and moisturizing the hair. However I feel the shampoo does not lather well. More quantity is required to produce lather which is a serious draw back for me since its no fun to shampoo hair with no lather. 

As for the conditioner I really really like it. It has the same coconut fragrance as the shampoo and works great for my hair. It makes them smooth and soft, east to comb and tangle free. I have one concern though. The bottles are very much alike. I once confused the conditioner with the shampoo and used the conditioner instead on my hair. Kept rubbing and pouring more, wondering why isn't it lathering, only to find later that I was using conditioner instead of the shampoo :/ The shampoo is used more as compared to the conditioner. My shampoo bottle is almost empty while I still have the conditioner left. I think Oriflame should work on the lathering property of the shampoo. Other than that I did not find any drawbacks with these. 

I am rating them 3.7/5 and recommend giving them a try. The shampoo and conditioner are both priced at Rs. 449 which is a little steep compared to other shampoos we normally use. You can purchase Oriflame products form their consultants. If you buy them directly from their Garden Town outlet you can give them my code which is 16806 to get an instant 20% discount on the products which will subsequently help me gain some points too. Hope you liked my review. Drop in your feedback and let me know. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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