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Hi Beauties!

Last Monsoon season I mentioned using Mughziat hair oil for my hair fall problem since I face a serious hair fall every Monsoon season. You can read the mini review of the oil in my previous post to get a head start for this one. Today I am going to share my experience of using this hair oil. Read further to find out...

Mughziat Hair oil by Saeed Ghani

Mughziat Hair oil by Saeed Ghani

Mughziat Hair oil by Saeed Ghani

Mughziat Hair oil by Saeed Ghani

Mughziat Hair oil by Saeed Ghani - swatch
I am not going through the packaging details and content details in this post since I have already done that in the previous post about the oil. Solely sharing my experience here, I would say, this oil actually works. My hair have grown long, by long I mean visibly long. I have never been able to achieve the current length ever without having split ends and ending up getting a hair cut. However this time there are no split ends till date and I am actually experiencing an improvement in growth. Moreover the hair fall has considerably reduced. I only face a little hair fall when its my time of the month or when I am comsuning junk food like a crazy person. An important point to mention here is, do not always blame your hair products for hair problems. Its sometimes your diet, stress levels and harmones that may impact hair fall. So watch out for these factors too. 

All in all I would say its an effective hair oil which really worked on me. It reduced my hair fall to nearly non existent, strenghtened my hair, improved my hair texture and stimulated hair growth. One of my colleagues is also using it and she also claims its working for her. So I totally recommend giving this hair oil a try for all those having hair troubles. However just be patient, it takes time to see results. Do not expect it to work miracles with one time use only. 






                          Rs. 180


                         Nation wide at all Saeed Ghani outlets. You can also buy them from Just4girls.pk

Hope you liked my review. Drop your comments and let me know your feedback. Your comments make my day. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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