Handbag from Khaadi

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Hi Beauties!

So who is into hand made bags with funky and vivid designs? Classy and formal leather bags are very elegant and no doubt look very sober but sometimes, what one wants is, something a little different, like something funky and full of vivid colors. Same happened to me. I went to Khaadi to get myself a ready to wear shirt, however I ended up getting myself a handbag. Check out my newest purchase!

Handbag from Khaadi

Khaadi is a well known and established brand in Pakistan and also abroad. Established in 1998, Khaadi deals in hand woven fabrics, ready to wear apparel, home textile and accessories. The bag you see below is made of cotton fabric with leather rims and lining. The outer printed fabric is a little thick so that the bag can maintain its stiffness. 

Khaadi handbag - front view

Khaadi handbag - strong shoulder straps

Khaadi handbag - Side view

A single zipper pocket inside the bag with a Khaadi logo stitched on it.

Handbag from Khaadi - Inner view

There are two pockets, one normally known a the mobile pocket and another adjacent one to keep keys and random small stuff. I wish they could have lined the pockets with some other color, it would have looked cool giving off a finishing touch to the pockets. 

Handbag from Khaadi - Inner view

My Experience:

Coming to my experience of using this handbag, I must say I absolutely love it. Its very light weight. Unlike some handbags that have their own weight, this bag is light as a feather. Moreover the bag is vary spacious, I can stuff almost everything into this bag. It may also serve as a travelling bag. You may stuff in all your essentials and use it as a carry bag when travelling. The straps are medium length which means you can put them up on your shoulders as well as on your arms. Both way it looks totally chic no matter how you carry it. This bag has a class of its own. It speaks of "Khaadi"!!! 

One thing I do not like about the bag is the straps. They are thick and sturdy but at the same time the weigh down the shoulder as in, they might put a little stress on the shoulder due to its sturdiness. Other than that I have not found any drawback with the bag. Some people may find it hard to fish out things from a big bag, in that case they might need to put an organizer inside the bag to keep everything in place and organized. 






                    All Khaadi outlets.


              Rs. 2500.

It may sound a little expensive but its a Khaadi thing, this is how their prices are.

Hope you liked my new handbag. Drop in your comments and share your views with me. Have you shopped anything recently from Khaadi? Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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