|Review|: Oriflame Sweedish Spa Minerals Bath Salts

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Hi Beauties!

This is one product I have wanted to review for so long but my laziness always got the better of me. Finally, today, I have managed to jot down the post. I shall be clear from the beginning that I am not sure exactly what the product actually is meant for and I was unable to find any worthwhile reviews on it over the blogoshpere so what I am about to share is my own experience of the product. 

Oriflame swedish spa minerals bath salts

Oriflame Swedish spa minerals bath salts come in a transparent plastic bottle of 125gms with a screw cap. The bottle is small in size and is travel friendly but not very appealing or eye catching. 

Oriflame swedish spa minerals bath salts

Oriflame swedish spa minerals bath salts

Oriflame swedish spa minerals bath salts
The bath salts are the size of small crystals and dull blue in color which dissolve immediately in water.

Oriflame swedish spa minerals bath salts

Oriflame swedish spa minerals bath salts
My Expereince:

These bath salts are like small crystals which are rough and course to the touch. They are fragranted and smell really good. Upon opening the bottle you might not find the fragrance very loud but when mixed in water it fills up the whole bathroom with its fragrance. I find these salts similar to Lush bath items which add fragrance to the bath water. I do not know exactly what these bath salts do or how are they beneficial to the skin other than what has been mentioned on the bottle that they remineralize the skin and help the body relax, I only use them to add flavor and fragrance to my bath water. You can pour a palm ful of the salts into the water bucket or more than a handful in case of a bath tub. The smell instantly lights up the whole bath room. To me it smells like lavender. The fragrance lasts on the body for an hour or two which is a serious turn off, I expect it to last longer than mere hours. The salts immediately dissolve in  water leaving only their fragrance behind. I personally like the idea of scented bath water. I hav spotted a few other bath salts of other brands, might give them a try once I am done with this. 






          Rs. 439 approx. $ 4. 


From Oriflame representatives. In case you want to buy something from Oriflame you can use my code: 16806 to avail an immediate discount of 20%.

Hope you liked my quick short review. If you have tried these bath salts share your experience with me. I love to read about your own expereiences. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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