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Hi Beauties!

These days I am crazily shopping for inner wears and stocking up for the up coming months. I shop once a year for lingerie and stock them up for later use. Well, to be honest, I shop for them in between as well, not only once a year :( Can't get enough of shopping, no matter how much I hoard up. Today I bring you another bra I recently purchased, on which I had my eyes set for quite some time and finally decided to buy it since it seemed very comfortable. Upon use, was it really comfortable? Read my review to find out... 

Triumph T - shirt Bra

Triumph T - shirt Bra

Triumph T - shirt Bra

Triumph T - shirt bra comes in a red cardboard box, wrapped inside a plastic transparent bag with Triumph logo and instructions written on the wrap. 

Triumph T - shirt Bra

The t-shirt bra is padded and underwired for maximum support to the bust and has thin outer linings at the top so that the upper edges are not visible under a t-shirt. 

Triumph T - shirt Bra - outer view

The bra comes with built in push up pads. The pads are quite light, just enough to enhance the cleavage a bit but wont give a fuller or deeper appearance. 

Triumph t-shirt bra - inner view

What I like the most about my Triumph bras is they have single hook attachement. Normally bras have three to two layers of hooks with broad waist band but the Triumph bras I have only have single level of hook attachements. The bra is adjustable to three sizes, you can hook it to the one suitable to you. 

Triumph t-shirt bra - adjustable hook loops

Triumph t-shirt bra - hook

Triumph t-shirt bra - waist band

Triumph t-shirt bra - inner view of the cup, built in padding

Triumph t-shirt bra - adjustable shoulder strap

Triumph t-shirt bra - closer view of the cup
My Experience:

Talking about my experience I'd say as usual, I absolutely love this bra. Its comfortable, fits me perfectly, doesn't bite me and gives a great shape and appearance. The best thing about a bra is that it magically fits a person perfectly and this bra does fit me well which makes me feel very comfortable and free. Ill fitted bras nag me and I feel the need to adjust them which is kind of embarassing if others find you adjusting your bra sheepishly in public. However this bra is simply great. I won't go much into the details since I have already mentioned the bra attributes above with the pictures. Enough is to say, its a great bra perfect to be worn under t-shirt, dresses or whatever. 




I did not find any drawbacks in this bra. 


           Actual price is Rs. 1740 but I got it in Rs. 1220. There is a discount going on at Raja Sahib Model Town outlet on Triumph bras. 


                  All stores that carry complete range of Triumph bras. 

Hope you liked my quick, short review of triumph bra. If you use Triumph bras, share your experiences with me and my readers. We may get to learn something new. Drop in your comments. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care!

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