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Hi Beauties!

So all of us have heard the hype about Sigma and Real techniques brushes. Undoubtedly their performance is excellent but they also come with a heavy price tag. Something being inexpensive does not always mean that it can not perform well. This phenomenon was proved by one of my drug store brand brushes which I am going to review today. 

MUA concealer brush in F3
I am usually not a concealer using person. For everyday makeup I do not apply concealer at all. I only use concealer for wedding events or get togethers. For such events I apply concealer under my eyes and on any marks over my face. Before getting myself a proper concealer brush, I used to apply it with the help of my fingers. Using fingers worked absolutely fine for me but I disliked my fingers getting concealer over them which is why I got myself a concealer brush. The reason I opted for MUA brush was the brush range was newly launched and the brushes seemed quite affordable. 

MUA concealer brush in F3
MUA concealer brush F3, comes in a nice plastic pack which keeps the brush perfectly safe from bending or any other damage. The brush itself is thin with a long handle. The brush contains the logo on the bottom of the handle and its number - F3 right at the head of the brush. 

MUA concealer brush in F3

Here is what MUA claims for its concealer brush:

"The rounded flat shape makes this brush ideal to conceal the under eye area for precision application and blending of all concealer formulas." 

MUA concealer brush in F3

MUA concealer brush in F3 - Logo

MUA concealer brush in F3

MUA concealer brush in F3 - close up of the brush
My Experience:

To be honest, initially, I was very disappointed with the performance of this brush but gradually I developed liking for it. The reason I did not like it before was, I was using the brush incorrectly. There is a way to apply concealer. What I used to do was, rub the brush vigorously over the concealer applied on the skin to make it completely absorb into the skin which made the concealer's task null and void. The trick to apply concealer is patting and setting it softly, making a layer of it yet providing it enough space to settle onto the skin as well to give a blended and perfectly settled look. Since I have started using the brush in this manner, it works absolutely fine for me. The synthetic bristles make it easier for me to clean and wash the brush on regular basis. So far I have not witnessed any shedding or bristle breakage neither I have felt any harshness over my skin while using this brush. Its smooth and soft. The brush is definitely drug store yet it has impressed me with its performance. Performance along with the affordable price tag is what makes this brush such a big hit for me. 






            Rs. 350 / £ 1.95


Just4girls and you can also order online directly from MUA website. They ship internationally. 


Totally yes

Hope you liked my quick short review of the brush. For some reason I find reviewing brushes quite hard. I hope it was a successful effort. Drop in your comments to share your views with me. Stay healthy and beautiful. Take care! XOXO

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